I don't want to lie anymore
To tell myself that I don't feel it
But there's something holding me back
Not letting the words find you
Stopping just before I let you know
A slim chance, a daring hope
Into the twilite dances wildly
As soon as the sun falls behind
The beautiful mask of the horizon
I see that I lied to myself too long
There's another rose upon your grave
I'm always one to mourn alone
No competing for reassurance with me
So I take it with me, and place it in a vase
Knowing that before it dies, it will wither
The petals fade, the color wanes
But the seeds might spread to something new
To open up into one more beautiful than its sire
The color revealing something new
Or so I can hope will happen
It hasn't been so long since the winter
A few days of sunshine now and then
It won't be the last winter together
The end of a trail of warm intentions
Soon the sun will melt the ice
I'll leave for the coast, the oceans and seas
Perchance to dream of the rose I laid
Upon the block of marble for your eyes
It paled in radiance to the one I missed
The one you held already, a valued gift
A word of truth is all I care to hear
Basking in this cerulean glow of a dream
A false peace within to cover the endless dissapointment
A neglected rose, proffered, can only starve
Bleeding itself away, something time cannot heal