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Summary: Michael, an empath, attends a new high school and meets Scott, a lonely guy. Can he help him find happiness? Michael's POV.

I Know What You Feel: Chapter 1.

The alarm clock! Why did I set the alarm? Oh, yes, I remember now: classes begin today. Usually, I don't like that, but this year, it's different. My parents and I moved to Los Angeles two weeks ago and I don't know anybody here. I've been bored to death since we arrived! But, at school, I'll make new friends. I'd rather have stayed in Boston, but Dad said it was a great opportunity for his career. He worked for a bank and was head-hunted by that other bank. Now he's got a better position and a higher salary. Though I didn't notice any change in the amount of my pocket money! Mum didn't work in Boston, but she wants to find a job here. She's all excited about that new start, as she calls it. I'm the only one to be reluctant. My parents think I'll be all right, since we moved away during the summer holidays, and not in the middle of the academic year. Well, I haven't missed any classes, but I still don't know anybody.

I get out of my bed and go to the bathroom for a quick shower. Then I open my cupboard. This is my first day, so I'd better look cool. I opt for a pair of skin-tight jeans and a black T-shirt with a white intricate pattern on the back. I look at my reflection in the mirror. I'm naturally good- looking, with my short dark hair and my smiling brown eyes, but these clothes make me really sexy. So I proceed to the kitchen.

"Hello, Michael! Did you have a good night?", Mum asks me. Dad must have already left for work.

"I've had some difficulty in getting asleep, but now I'm too nervous to feel tired."

"Don't worry, everything will be all right. You'll make a lot of new friends."

"Of course, Mum." Now, we're in Los Angeles, and I'm not going to annoy my parents with my regrets. I eat my cereals and drink some orange juice. "It's time, Mum. I'm leaving."

"Good luck, Michael!"

I take my bag and get out of the flat. We live on the third floor, so I ignore the lift. I prefer the stairs, but, in Boston, I had no choice, since our flat was on the sixth floor. Outside, it's already warm. Another advantage of living in California rather than in Massachusetts. The high school is only a ten minutes' walk from my building, but I've told Mum that I won't lunch at home. I like a bit of independence and I prefer having lunch with my friends, as soon as I've found some.

But I don't worry about that. I make friends easily. My secret power is very useful for that: I'm an empath. Not a telepath, no, I wouldn't like that. All these thoughts in my head, that'd be scary! But an empath. That means I can feel people's emotions and sensations. And that's great! Of course, it's a secret. I wouldn't like ending up in a lab, or, more probably, in a loony bin. Even my parents don't know about my power. Well, in fact, I tried to explain it to them when I was a kid, but that turned out to be a disaster.

As far as I can remember, I've always had this ability. So it's perfectly natural for me, it's like a sixth sense. And it was already natural when I was a kid. I had never thought about it. Then, one day, Mum was watching some stupid soap opera and everything changed. The guy was in love with the girl, but thought she didn't love him, and vice versa. So I asked Mum why they didn't know each other's feelings. Mum answered me that it happened very often, you could never know what other people felt. I told her that I could and that I felt her love for me. She was all happy about that, but she hadn't understood what I meant. So I tried to explain it to her, on several occasions, and I also told Dad about it. After some time, my parents began to get angry. But I still tried to justify myself. Then, they got really worried. They took me to the GP, who said that everything was okay and that I was a very imaginative little boy. From then, I never talked about my power again, even though I didn't understand why they didn't believe me. Only a few years later did I realize that, in our rational society, my power couldn't be accepted.

However, I like this power. It's a part of me and I wouldn't want to get rid of it. Of course, it's not always easy to have such a secret. And it makes me a bit sad that my parents didn't believe me. But empathy makes me so close to my friends. They'd probably freak out if they knew I can feel their emotions. But they don't know, so they just think I'm a great friend, because I'm always there when they need me, even though they don't ask anything.

That's why I don't worry about making new friends. Thanks to my power, I know quickly if I can get along with somebody. I know if they appreciate me or not. And once I've found new friends, everything goes smoothly. I guess empathy makes me more tolerant, because it makes others' views a bit mine.

Here is the high school. I find my way rather quickly, because I came to visit it last week. There's a board with several lists. I spot my name on one of them and proceed to the room where my first class is supposed to take place. A dozen teenagers are already there. They're talking about their holidays in groups of three or four, except this one guy who is sitting alone near the window.

One of the girls comes to talk to me: "Hi! I'm Sarah. You're new here."

"Yes. I'm Michael. I come from Boston."

"Great! If you need some help, don't hesitate to ask me."

She introduces me to all the other people in the room. Of course, I forget half the names at once and, among those I can remember, I'm not sure who's who. Then she begins to talk about the teachers, the classes, the buildings, all the little details that are so useful. I like her, she's very friendly. I don't need empathy to know that. Besides, she's very pretty with her long fair hair and her blue eyes. She looks like a princess. Well, a princess wearing a tank top and a miniskirt, but a princess anyway.

"Hello, Sarah! Hello, stranger!"

"Hi, Chris! This is Michael, he comes from Boston. Michael, this is Chris, he's my best friend."

"Hello, Chris!" Chris's hair is bleached. I wouldn't like to do that to my hair, but I must admit that he looks cute like that.

"Welcome, Michael! You're lucky, you just have to spend one year in that hell!", Chris comments.

I laugh. He's cool, it seems I'm lucky for my first day. "Don't be jealous, there was another hell in Boston."

"Yeah, they tend to be very common nowadays", Chris answers.

At that point, our teacher enters the room. I sit down on Sarah's right, and Chris on her left. We must be about thirty in the class. The teacher calls the register and, this time, I can remember several names. Then, it's time for the last administrative details. We get our timetable. Now, the real classes can begin.

For lunch, I go to the cafeteria with Chris and Sarah. The food is hardly edible. We quickly leave and, as we have some more time before the afternoon classes, we sit down in the park. Maybe I can get a bit tanned. Sarah continues her explanations and Chris adds some funny comments. Then, I notice the guy who was next to the window. Now, he's sitting on the ground, with his back against a tree. He's alone, reading a big novel. He's got short brown hair, but not as short as mine. The wind gently stirs it, making it a bit messy. His spectacles enhance his beautiful features. I wonder which colour his eyes are. And he looks great with his pale blue shirt and his dark trousers.

"Who is this?", I ask my new friends.

"This is Scott. Don't pay attention to him, he doesn't like being with other people. Weird, isn't it?", Chris answers.

"Yes, weird." Very weird. Well, some people prefer staying alone and that's perfectly normal. But that's not what I feel about Scott. Now, I'm too far from him. But, this morning, I could feel his sadness, and maybe also a bit of fear. He doesn't want to be with other people for a particular reason, not by choice. And I'm going to find out what this reason is, because I don't like having sad people around me. After all, I've got a power and I want it to be useful for other people too. Scott, whether you want it or not, we're going to be friends!

To be continued.

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