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I Know What You Feel: Chapter 7.

I spent a wonderful weekend, but now it's time to go back to school. At least, Scott and I go to the same high school, whereas Sarah and Anita can only meet at the end of the week. I decide not to speak about them to Scott. I don't want to push him. If he doesn't want to talk about us, I won't insist. I know it isn't an easy decision, it can change people's opinion and attitude.

At lunch time, we start to chat about "Drosophilaman".

"I haven't seen it yet, but I intend to go to the movies next Sunday", Chris declares. "I couldn't last weekend, because we went to see my uncle in Oregon."

"I'm sure you'll love it, it's the kind of movies you enjoy", Sarah mentions.

"You don't sound very enthusiastic, Sarah", Scott remarks.

"Well, it's rather a movie for guys", she answers.

"Besides, there were scientific mistakes", Scott adds.

I laugh. "Scott, it's entertainment! It doesn't have to be plausible."

"But that would be more interesting without all those mistakes", Scott replies.

"Wrong! "Drosophilaman" is far more interesting than the Biology class", Chris comments.

Scott looks exasperated. "Okay, I give up!"

We all laugh, except Scott. I feel him preoccupied. He must be thinking about our discussion.

"Sorry, Scott, we didn't want to make fun of you", Sarah says.

"No, it's okay. I was thinking about something else." He hesitates. "Michael, if you want to tell them, you can."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I've thought it over and it's all right."

"What are you talking about?", Chris asks.

Scott looks at me: "Tell them."

"Okay. Scott and I have something to tell you. Well, I've got something to tell you, since Scott is acting shy." I breathe in. It always seems easy before doing it, but, when it comes to actually saying it, it's a bit more difficult. Let's go! "Scott and I are boyfriends."

Both of them are astonished. Sarah is happy. But Chris is too surprised to know how to react.

"That's great!", Sarah exclaims. "I'm so happy for you two! That's very courageous to tell us. Don't get me wrong, we don't have any problems with that. It's even the other way round. In fact, I'm a bit of a coward. Here, at school, I only told Chris, but we're childhood friends."

Don't be too hard on yourself, Sarah! We aren't as innocent as we look. I've sort of cheated.

"Do you remember Anita, the girl you met last Saturday?", Sarah continues. "Well, she's my girlfriend."

"Wow! What a coincidence!", Scott exclaims. I'm amazed. He's even a better liar than me and we're talking about my own power. Well, maybe it's because it's my power that he can lie so naturally. After all, he is no empath, he only knows about Sarah's feelings because I told him, he didn't experience them himself. So he can sound astonished more easily.

"Well, it seems that I'm the only heterosexual left", Chris declares.

"Don't worry, we won't discriminate against you", Sarah answers.

Chris giggles. "If the guys don't hit on me, I'm fine with that."

Scott frowns, but I know Chris is only joking. He's straight, but he's okay with homosexuality. He isn't Sarah's friend for nothing. "That's what you say! Anyway, Scott and I are a couple. But don't be jealous. I can help you find a nice guy."

Chris hits me playfully on the arm. "Sarah, you said I wouldn't be discriminated against. Don't tell me you meant that you were going to convert me!"

Sarah bursts out laughing. "That's a good idea! Unfortunately, that's not the way things work."

"What a pity!", Chris answers ironically.

Sarah tells us about her relationship with Anita. They met thanks to Sarah's brother, who's also a law student. Anita came to their flat because she had a group assignment to do with Steve. Sarah and Anita soon became friends and decided to keep on seeing each other after the assignment was done. Later, they realized that they were in love and became girlfriends. Everything happened quite smoothly.

Then, I tell them about Scott and me. Of course, I don't mention our special abilities, even though they have an important role in our relationship. Scott makes a few comments, but doesn't talk much. He's not really at ease. Sarah and Chris are now his friends, but he's always been rather solitary. So I understand that he doesn't feel like talking about his private life.

All too soon, it's time to go to our Maths class.

"I guess you fancy Mr Linday", Chris declares.

Scott blushes. I know he finds him attractive, but I don't care that much. It's normal, since Mr Linday is really handsome.

"Of course", I answer. "This man is so sexy!"

"Michael!", Scott exclaims. I feel the pangs of jealousy in his mind.

"Wow! Scott! I've never seen you jealous before. That proves how much you love me." I lean forward and whisper into his ear: "I'd like to kiss you right now."

Scott blushes and exclaims: "That's totally out of the question!"

"I know, I know, but that's what I think all the same."

Chris rolls his eyes. "Please, stop that, you aren't alone!", he says mockingly.

I giggle. I think his interpretation of my whispered words was somewhat exaggerated. As for Scott, he feels very embarrassed.

"Hey, guys, when you have finished saying nonsense, maybe we can leave. Otherwise, we're going to be late", Sarah points out.

"You're right, Sarah. Let's go!", Scott answers.

So we all head for the high school.

After that day, we have no more long discussions about our relationships. We often mention them, but we prefer keeping the details private. It's pleasant to share such a secret with a few people. After all, our friends' opinion is what matters, so we shouldn't care about what others might think about us.

Now, Scott feels better about his homosexuality. He's realized that Chris doesn't mind it and that has helped him accept himself. Of course, Sarah is great too, but she's like us. On the contrary, Chris has an outside point of view. That's why Scott has been influenced by his opinion.

It's been three weeks since we told Chris and Sarah about us. Today, I've got a date with Scott and he's supposed to meet me at my flat. But it's pouring down, so I don't feel like going outside. Maybe we could stay home.

Suddenly, I hear the doorbell. I let Scott enter. He's got a big blue umbrella, but, in spite of it, his coat is soaked.

"What awful weather!", he grumbles.

"We should remain here", I suggest.

"It's a very good idea!", Scott answers.

"Hello, Scott!"

"Hello, Mrs Williams!"

"Michael, I'm leaving."

"Oh! Where are you going? It's pelting down!"

"I know. But Nancy is in LA only this weekend. I can't miss her just because of the rain. We're going to window-shopping and we've got a lot of things to tell each other. I'll come home late. Good bye, Scott!"

"Good bye, Mrs Williams!"

Mum puts on her raincoat, takes her orange umbrella and leaves.

"Nancy is one of Mum's childhood friends. She lives in Boston. They haven't seen each other for months", I explain to Scott. "And Dad has a very important meeting this afternoon. So we're all alone!"

Scott blushes. He wants me and he probably thinks it's the right time. In fact, that's what I think too. He gets even more embarrassed. I shouldn't have stared at him like that. He must have remembered that I'm an empath.

"So what are we going to do now?", I ask as innocently as I can.

"I don't know", he mumbles.

I get closer to him and say teasingly: "I believe that you've got an idea."

He blushes again. "In that case, why do you ask me? You'd better act!"

I put my arms around his waist, draw him to me and begin kissing him passionately. I feel his desire rising and that arouses me even more.

Then, I break our kiss and whisper: "We should go to my bedroom."

"That seems appropriate."

Scott starts to undress, but I resume kissing him so he can't continue. Foreplay is so fun! It's his first time and he's nervous, but I want to give him as much pleasure as possible.

"Michael, don't worry, I'm okay", he mutters. He thinks I take my time in order to protect him. But it's the contrary. I know very well that my kisses are now a torture and that he wants more. I've never felt his emotions as clearly as now.

"I know what I'm doing. Just trust me", I answer with a promising tone.

"Of course, I trust you, Michael."

So he lets me guide him towards new sensations. In my head, both his and my pleasures mix into an indescribable feeling. I'm on cloud eighteen! Meanwhile, Scott's unleashed power causes many objects to fall off the shelves and the desk. But I couldn't care less. Except when I hear Mum's favourite vase break on the kitchen floor. No, in fact, I don't mind it for now, I feel too many sensations to think about that. Then, as Scott's pleasure rises even more, the smallest things begin to float in my bedroom. They remain aloft for a moment, then fall down when Scott finally comes. Overwhelmed by his feelings, I do the same a few seconds later.

We stay in bed but don't talk for at least five minutes, revelling in the sensations. Then, Scott, slightly worried, asks me: "Did you enjoy it?"

"It was so great! And I didn't even need empathy to know that it was the same for you. Your telekinesis gave you away."

He laughs: "Sorry! I think I've broken something in another room."

"Never mind! You know, I'm really happy to be an empath because I can feel your pleasure in addition to mine and that's incredible! I wish I could share my power with you, for you to experience that."

"Thank you! But it's a very bad idea. I wouldn't like the furniture to fall on us," he giggles.


I feel him using his power again. But nothing moves in my bedroom. I wonder what he's doing. Then, the door opens and a box of cookies enters the room.

"Are you hungry? I took that in the kitchen. I didn't want you to get out of this bed."

"Scott!" I lunge at him and kiss him. "You've used your power for fun! I'm so happy!"

"Well, if we consider the mess it has caused in your room, I can at least use it for something good."

"Yes, cookies are good!", I answer as I take one in the box and give it to him. He savours it and returns me the favour. We end up eating all the cookies, without paying attention to the crumbs falling in my bed.

"Okay, now, we should be a bit serious and put everything away", Scott declares.

"That's no fun!", I protest, but I obey him all the same. After all, he's right, and I wouldn't like Mum to find my room like that, let alone the whole flat. So we get dressed. Then, I go to inspect the other rooms, but they're almost okay. Just a few things fell and only the vase was broken. I put the pieces into the trash can, the flowers, whatever their name is, into an empty vase, and I mop up the water. When I go back to my bedroom, Scott has almost finished tidying it up.

"I'm going to bring the vacuum cleaner here, to get rid of all the crumbs in my bed", I tell him.

"It isn't worth it", he answers. And he uses his power to put all the crumbs into the trash can.

"Wow! You're very practical. I think I'm going to keep you." Before he can protest, I take him in my arms and kiss him tenderly. "I love you, Scott."

"I love you too, Michael."

Scott rests his head on my shoulder and I can feel that for now all his worries have disappeared. Sometimes, powers can be very annoying, but other times, they're really wonderful gifts. I've known that for long and I've finally taught it to Scott. We've got different abilities, but they're a strong link between us all the same. Together, we'll face difficulties and advance in life, like any other couple. Even though we're a bit special!

The end.

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