The night sky was clear and freckled with stars. Hannah sat in her bed staring out the window. The sound of ocean waves at the bottom of the cliff was the only noise. When each new wave hit the jagged rocks, the sound ran up to her ears.
Hannah sighed. She hadn't wanted to come to the ocean, not this year. All her friends were busy working at day camps back at home this summer. None of them could come with her to the beach house. Though she loved the smell of the sea air and the feeling of ocean winds blowing through her hair tugging it this way and that, Hannah longed to be at home, in Wisconsin.
Leaning back against the wall, she sighed again. A couple feet away was the second twin bed, the one she always had a friend sleep in. Now it was empty and set, still in the same fashion as it had been when they'd arrived just hours earlier.
Silently, Hannah slipped on her a sweatshirt over her pajamas, and slid her feet into her flip flops. Trying to keep the old wooden floor from creaking and waking her sisters and parents, she tip toed out of her room, down the hall and through the kitchen onto the front porch. The couch swing was swaying slightly in rhythm with the ocean breeze. Putting a hand out, Hannah steadied it and walked off the porch and around to the back.
The back yard of their summer house was a bit of land that dropped off after a couple yards. If you stood at the edge of the cliff, you could see the waves as they hit the rock wall. A couple years ago, Hannah's father had built a bench that you could sit on and stare out at sea. That's where Hannah went. To the bench.
The night was dark, and the only light was that coming from the stars and crescent moon. Hannah breathed in the familiar, salty but sweet, scent of the sea air. 'Maybe I'll find love this summer' she thought, 'maybe it won't be so bad that Rachel or Sarah couldn't come with me. I do have my ocean friends anyways.'
For a few more minutes, Hannah sat on the bench looking at the stars and taking in the beauty of the night. Finally, with a sigh, she got up and went back inside to her bed. As she slid under the light weight covers of her bed, she made a mental note to call Cori the next day to hang out. With that, she drifted off to sleep.