Disclaimer: This lil' cookie was of my own creation!

Author's Note: This cookie doesn't make much sense and is supposed to be ironical, but it didn't seem to come out that way :-p Thank you Heidi (or Hade according to Ms. Koundi lol) for lending me her vocab list! And I'd like to that JD Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" for the inspiration.

The callous gentleman went on a long tirade when he found out that his son received a low mark on an important exam. His urbane wife tried to assuage his breaking temper without much success. The son snapped at his father saying that after his arduous re-cooperation from the operation, his meager score was only tentative (he would re-take the exam on a later date) and his score was not a result of levity. He also said that there was nothing laudable about a ruthless dictator of a father. He left in a fury, leaving behind his momentarily shocked father. The rage returned to him after a millisecond, though. He mumbled something unintelligible. His wife, although couldn't understand the specifics of his mutterings because of his garbled speech, could get the general gist of his thinking. She told him to stop carping about the poor boy because there was nothing thwarting HIM from being mature about the whole situation, without over- reacting. His wife stopped her lecture to re-apply her ruby-red lipstick. Her husband told her to not put it on because it looked tawdry. His wife, infuriated, told him that he was a heartless beast and that he was going to have to live with the consequences of his actions for a chronic period of time, before she left the house.

***THE END***