There once was a pesty boy Jack
Who, to his parents, talked back.
He blew off his work,
Oft replied with a smirk,
And a clever, annoying wisecrack.
Well one day his Mom'd had enough,
And thought that she'd better get tough,
So she entered his lair,
Put a match to his chair,
And started burning his stuff!
She commenced with his books of sci-fi,
Waved her hand as she bid them goodbye,
She burned from his door-
Then from ceiling to floor,
'Til not a book did she spy.
Young Jack soon detected a smell
And started to yell and to yell,
But his Mom couldn't hear,
She was drinking a beer,
As she rang and she rang the school bell.
So this message should be plain to you
Yes, you know who I'm talking to-
Don't you give me those looks
Or I'll burn all your books
And I'll steal your lib'ry card, too!