God Sent

He was god sent. He looked like he could be a model. Strong, masculine and breathtaking. Warm hazel eyes and hazelnut brown hair- a matching pair. His face, so defined and ... perfect! There are no words to explain his exquisiteness. Luscious lips, tall lean body- shit, what am I saying!?

"Hi Matilda," he smiled. His smile lit up his face and made me sigh softly. He kept his smile and introduced himself. "Gareth Pike."

"Matilda Wilson," I replied quietly. Glancing away, I grabbed my notebook. "What scene do you want to use?"

"You decide, Romeo And Juliet was never my favourite Shakespeare play." He answered, still with the same smile on. I wonder what he's smiling at.

"Whatever," I replied. He smiled even wider.

Curiously I cocked my head to a side. "What are you smiling about?"

"You." He simply answered. His grin grew wider and wider.

Me? What did I do? I looked down at myself and back at him confusedly when I saw nothing out of the ordinary.

He chuckled lightly. I sighed. My heart lightened at the sight of him laughing. Suddenly he went all serious and said, "You look pretty."

I was shocked. I raised an eyebrow at him and turned away. He's playing with me. Typical, he's a guy, and he seems like a cheeky guy too. I knew it.

I sighed. "How about the death scene?" I continued, ignoring his little outburst.

His smile disappeared. I felt my spirit die with it. "I mean it."

"Look," I replied, annoyed at how far he is taking the joke. "I really don't have time. Death scene or not?" ah shit, now I sound like a freaking nerd.

He sat down looking discouraged and pissed off. My anger lessened as I saw his unhappy face. You look pretty. When was the last time I heard that?

I looked down at my notebook, not talking. He touched my shoulder and sent shivers down my spine.

"Sorry," he whispered. "Just telling the truth."

His breath tickled my neck and I wedged out from under his nose. My pulse raced so quickly I could hear it banging in my eardrums.

"How about the balcony scene?" he asked gazing into my eyes. I tired not to look too uncomfortable, and blinked away his stare.

"Yeah, but it'll be really unoriginal." I answered, blushing slightly.

"Original? It's Shakespeare and his writing wasn't even original itself!" he joked, giving me a little grin.

This guy is so full of himself. Maybe I should just quit this little conversation and continue it another day. I tossed my notebook back into my black bag and got ready for the bell.

"How about I start later and show you what I've done and then you can do your bit." I sort of ordered and asked. "I'll show you next week."

The bell rang and everybody rushed to pack up while the teacher tried to stop them. "Read the sheets –" Mr Buos hollered over the noise. "The sheets I gave you for ideas on how to rewrite it!"

I stood up and swung my very heavy bag onto my left shoulder and walked out the door.

I was a few rooms down form that room when I heard a voice call, "Hey wait!"

I turned around to see Gareth hurrying towards me. "I'll call you!" he puffed, although it sounded more like "Le-col-oo!"

It brought out my heart to see him like that – despite what he was doing before. I stopped to wait for him. It was lunch, and I had nothing important to do anyway.

"Matilda!" he smiled when he finally reached me. I looked back to the English room. It wasn't that far away, why would he be so puffed out?

"What?" I asked bluntly.

"I'll call you!" he replied quickly. He breathed for a second and smiled. "God that was a crowd, you did not see how hard it was to get through the crowd 2 seconds ago."

I softened even more at his sincerity. "Don't call me." I answered. Seeing his startled expression, I quickly realised what I said. "No, I mean, don't call me at home, I'm not meant to have people calling me."

"Oh, I get it. No guys right?" his voice was low and his head swooped down to his ankles.

"No, it's just that I'm not allowed any more than one 10 minute phone call, while my brother gets as much as he wants." I said bitterly.

"But can I still call you?" his face lit up with a smile – and hope, I think. I hope not.

"Yeah I guess." I shrugged. I reached for a pen in my bag and snatched his hand. He seemed surprised at my sudden action. I was reluctant as I wrote my number on the back of his hand. Should I? Should I not? Should I? Should I-

"All done, Um, I'll see you later, I guess." I waved and turned back to where I was going. Too late now Matilda. Walking down the stairs I caught a glimpse of his face. Again it was lit up in an angelic smile. i suddenly felt so weak, like my legs had filled with jelly.I moved over to see his face clearly. I smiled without knowing. Oh my god- was this feeling what I thought it was?