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Chapter 1

A short girl, about fourteen, walked down the street with her head held high. She had mid- length brown hair with blonde highlights. She had brown eyes and wore a white shirt with silver Capri's. The wind blew softly making her hair fly in her face. She gently moved the strands behind her ears and smiled as if the wind had told her a secret. She continued to walk down the street towards the beach.
"Aira! Hey wait up!" Two of her friends called.
"Hey Jessie! Ally! Where's Demi?" She asked.
"She's sick. She has a summer cold and couldn't come to the festival. Where's your bathing suit?" Jessie asked.
"You know I don't like getting wet." She told the two. They continued to walk to the beach where the festival was taking place. They passed another group of girls. One of the girls was a little short with brown hair and light blue streaks. She was wearing a blue bikini top and a pair of swimming trunks.
"Nixie, are you performing for the festival?" a girl named Katie asked.
"Of course! I've preformed in it every year, what makes this year any different?" She asked. "I'm going to get a drink. Be right back." She said and winked. She walked passed a girl dressed in a pink bikini top with brown shorts. She had brown hair placed in a messy bun on her head.
"Terra!" The girl turned and saw her best friend running to her.
"Hey Jason! You looked like you ran a mile!" She told him. "Where is everyone?" She asked. He shrugged.
"Probably waiting for the sunset."
"You know what they say, if you confess your love on the last night of the festival, you'll be together forever, even after death." She said wisely. He stared at her in the dim light. They walked over to the crowd sitting on the beach. Waiting for the sunset. They walked passed a girl in a red top that said "Sexy Baby" on it. She was also wearing red and white Capri's. She had curly red hair and emerald eyes. 'I wish my parents didn't make me get a summer job! My boss is such a jerk!'
"Trina! Don't slack off! You have a job, now do it!" Her boss growled.
"Yes, sir!" She went up to a customer sitting patiently. The girl was wearing a dark blue tank top and a pair of semi-baggy black pants.
"Hello and welcome to the Beachside Café. Would you like a drink? We have ice tea, milk, soft drinks, coffee, water, and juice." Trina recited.
"No thank you. I'm just waiting for someone." Trina looked at the girl her short black hair reached her shoulders and her violet eyes were almost haunting. She walked away quietly and went to serve another customer.
"Hey sis!" A girl with light Blonde curls called. She was wearing a pink bikini that had a pink skirt to it. She sat down across from the violet eyed girl and smiled.
"How's mom?"
"She's fine. What about Dad?"
"He's doing better. What have you been up to, Lila?"
"Not much. What about you Kira?"
"Same. It's so boring in town. Hey! How about we go down to the beach and watch the sunset."
"You mean the one time of day when we actually agree on something?"
"Yeah! Come on. There'll be a bunch of hotties down there." She tried to convince her twin. Even though they were twins they were completely different. One of them was born during the day and the other was born at night. One had to be removed by a c-section, the other was natural. One weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces, while the other was 6 pounds 8 ounces. They walked down to the beach and sat on the dock.
"The one time when night and day are same."
"And the only difference is their name."
"Light goes away, and gives place to night."
"While in a few hours, the morning will light." That was the poem their Grandmother taught them. When the sun was half- way down they said the last verse of the poem.
"The sun sets, the moon rises."
"The morning glory, the night prizes."
"Run, come see, run, run, run."
"The moon and day are one!" Time seemed to stop.
"What's going on?" Lila asked. Kira looked at her watch.
"The second hand isn't moving!" She said in alarm. Lila looked back at the crowd. No one moved. Time had stopped. Except for them.
"Jason!" Someone screamed. They ran to find a girl sitting by a boy who wasn't moving. "What's wrong with him?" She sobbed. Three other girls had rushed over to see what was wrong. The sobbing girl stood up still crying a little bit. They were in a circle. Everyone had the same thought. 'Why is this so familiar?' There was a glow around them. Lila put her hands in the center of the circle. Kira followed suit. The other girls followed as well. A book appeared in the center of the girls. The light faded. And everything went back to normal. The girls starred at each other.
"Hey, Terra. Are you going to introduce me to your friends?" Jason asked. Terra plopped down and hugged him around the neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist unsure of what was going on.
"I'm Aira."
"The name's Nixie."
"Trina's the name."
"And I'm her twin sister, Kira."
"Twin? You look nothing alike." Aira said.
"We're not identical."
"We're complete opposites."
"Our parents used to call us light and dark."
"Little light and Little dark."
"Who's older?" Nixie wanted to know.
"I am." Lila told them.
"Only by seven hours."
" No. You forget. You were born at eight; I was born at eleven fifty- nine. So it's an hour and a minute."
"Stop being so precise! I was estimating." Kira snapped. They heard Terra laugh.
"I wish I had a sibling."
"No, you don't." The twins said.
"A twin sister always wants to borrow clothes."
"And tell you what's wrong with your wardrobe."
"A little brother always annoys you and makes fun of you because he thinks a guy friend is your boyfriend." Trina told them.
"An older brother is too busy at his job or with his girlfriend to pay any mind to you." Aira said.
"If you have an older sister, you always feel like you're living up to something." Nixie added into the conversation.
"When you're an only child, you don't have anyone to talk to or play with." Terra said.
"Well, Terra, my parents need help with the shop. They just let me come down here for the sunset. I'd better head back." Jason said standing up.
"Okay. See you at school!" She called to him. He waved and then headed to his destination.
"You guys want to hang out?" Terra asked.
"Why not?"
"Sorry, I've got to get back to my job. My boss is a killer." Trina said.
"I've got to perform at the festival. We're practicing. We just took a break to watch the sunset." Nixie told the group.
"That's okay. Maybe we can all watch the sunset together tomorrow." Kira said smiling. Everyone smiled.
"Sure." They said.
"How about you guys come to the Beachside Café. That's where I work. My parents told me I needed to do something this summer."
"Hey, how old are you guys?" Nixie asked.
"We're fifteen." The twins said.
"Fifteen" Trina told them.
"Fourteen. I'll be fifteen at the end of August though." Terra put in.
"Fifteen." Aira said.
"No fair! I'm the second youngest! Fourteen. I'll be fifteen in July." Nixie told them.
"TRINA! GET IN HERE! The sunset's over!" Trina winced.
"The ogre's calling. Better go before he eats me. Bye!" She said. They all said bye and she left.
"I'd better go too. The staff will get really uptight if I don't. Bye!" She said. Again they said bye and the four remaining girls looked at the book they had.
"Wonder what's in it?" Terra asked.
"Maybe, we should look." Aira said.
"Can we open it?" Kira asked.
"Only one way to find out." Lila said. She tried to open it, but couldn't.
"What is it Kira? I'm trying to open it."
"It's locked."
"What do you mean it's locked?"
"There's a lock on the side. And if you can't open it, it must be locked." Lila looked.
"Thanks for making me feel really stupid." She said to her sister.
"You're welcome!" She replied smiling.
"We don't have a key, maybe Nixie or Trina would have an idea on how to open it." Aira suggested.
"Well. Nixie's practicing, and Trina's working. So I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow." They walked around the beach a bit and soon they all had to go home.
"Bye Lila! See you tomorrow!" Kira yelled from the car.
"Bye!" Lila yelled back. Their parents were divorced. They had been divorced for almost ten years. It would be ten years at the end of the festival. It had been hard on both parents, but it was for the best. The twins were too young to really understand what was going on, but they did understand they weren't going to see each other every day.
Lila walked down the beach. This was her time. There weren't too many people out. Most just stayed for the sunset, and then left. She sat on the dock and pulled out her sketch pad. She took out some charcoal from her art case and started to draw the moon. She loved to draw. Anything. She drew the shoreline, and the waves lapping up against the sand. She was so into her drawing, she didn't hear some one stop behind her.
"That's really good." She turned quickly to see a man standing behind her. He had jet black hair and purple eyes.
"Thanks." She said slowly. He sat down beside her.
"It looks so real. And you can't be but sixteen." He complimented her again.
"Fifteen, actually."
"Fifteen! That's even better! How rude of me! I'm Daren. I'm part of the festival art show committee. I was wondering, have you ever showcased any of your work?"
"No, actually, you're the only person, besides my sister to see it."
"Really? I'm surprised. It's so good. Oh, may I ask your name?"
"Lila. Lila Remington. "
"Nice to meet you. I really think something like this would do well in the teen art exhibit. Would you consider it?"
"Sure! I've never had anything in an exhibit before!"
"Well here's my card. Just call me when you've found a piece."
"Okay! I will!" She said smiling. "Bye!"
"Bye." He said waving.
She walked down the beach a little ways and then went home. She was so excited. No one had ever complimented her like that! At least not someone that cute.
"I wonder how old he was. No guy's ever said anything to me. Not many people have. My life's turning up. I've got friends. My art's getting exhibited. And maybe, I could even get a boyfriend." She said as she looked up to the stars. She found her special star and made a wish. 'Please let my art get good compliments.' She was so happy she was finally accomplishing her dreams. When she got home she went upstairs to find a picture. She found one, but decided against it. She'd give him a charcoal one. A special one. She snuggled under her covers and went to sleep.
Despite her good mood, she didn't sleep well. She had nightmares and during one, she woke up in a cold sweat. Her eyes were wide. She took out a sheet of paper and started to draw before the memory got away. She closed her eyes to try to think back to the dream, but it was too late. The memory was lost. She looked. It was a picture of a girl. She was about her age with a weird symbol on her forehead. Other than her nose, mouth, and the weird symbol, her face was blank. She had no eyes, or eyebrows. She put the sketch down to go back to sleep. Maybe the memory would come back. But, to her dismay, it didn't.

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