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Chapter 3

Terra woke up to the birds. She crawled out of bed only to see it was almost noon. She was about to crawl back in bed when she realized she had to meet the girls at twelve thirty.

"Ah! I'm going to be late!" She screamed. She went in her closet and picked out a brown and pink bathing suit. She then picked out a pink skirt and a brown top with pink spots. She quickly got dressed grabbed her sunglasses and bag, and rushed out the door. Since she had a few minutes to spare, she rushed to her garden and picked out a pink rose for her hair. She then continued on her way. When she finally made it to the café, everyone was there.

"Sorry I'm late again." She said and sat in between Kira and Nixie.

"It's okay. We were waiting for Trina to get off her break." Aira said. They looked over to an annoyed Trina. She was wearing an orange halter top dress and was trying not to hit her customers upside their heads. Three guys were sitting at a table, all of which were hitting on her.

"Hey cutie. When's your break we could go to my house and I'd show you a real good time." One of them said.

"How about you come here and give me a little kiss, and I'll give you a tip." Trina leaned down to him.

"I don't want your money, I want your order." She told the three.

"I order a chick with a nice ass." One said. That did it.

"Sorry. We don't serve chickens here, but there are three sitting in front of me, so you may want to get them out of here before I personally barbeque their asses." She said.

"What'd you just say, Bitch!" One guy said standing up.

"In plain terms, I said 'Get your fucking asses out of here!'" She shouted.

"I like a Bitch with a smart mouth. Gives 'em a little flare". He wrapped his arms around her, trapping her. He slid his hands down her back and onto her rear.

"Get. Your. Fucking. Hands. Off. Of. My. Ass. You. Bastard!" She screamed. The girls went up to help her.

"Leave her alone!" Kira called to the boys.

"Ooh. Hey guys. Two for each of us. Pick which ones you want Fred."

"I'm happy with the one I got and…That one." He said pointing at Aira. The boy nearest Aira pushed her to the one named Fred.

"I'll take the innocent looking one and the one with the blue highlights." One said.

"You have good taste Billy. I'm gonna get the other two." He said walking towards Lila and Kira. Lila, being the one who took karate; drop kicked him to the ground.

"If you ever lay a hand on me or my sister, you're dead meat pal." She said. Terra, seeing the distraction, dropped out of the boys arms and kicked him where the sun don't shine. He keeled over and Nixie jumped free. Trina was still struggling and Aira was trying to copy Terra's idea of kicking him in the groin. Terra went to help the two when another one grabbed her from behind.

"Good timing George. These Bitches are hard to tame. One of 'em kneed Billy and one kicked Bob to the ground."

"Well, we'll tame 'em." He said and made his way to grab a second prey.

"Hey, you two." Someone called. The two brawny boys turned to look at the stranger. A man stood there. He had bright red hair and green eyes. "Leave them alone." He ordered.

"Now why the hell would we do that?" Bob stood up and grabbed the nearest girl to him. Kira struggled against him, but it didn't help.

"What did I tell you about messing with my sister!" Lila yelled. She jumped and kicked his head, knocking him unconscious.

"Damn. Let's not mess with that Bitch."

"Or her sister."

"How about you don't mess with any of them." The stranger said.

"How about we do and say we didn't." George said sliding his hand to touch Terra's rear.

"Don't touch me! Let go!" She said struggling even harder. She then remembered the Rose in her hair and tried to scratch him with the thorns. She ran it across his face and he screamed in pain.

"Bitch!" He let go of her and grasped his cheek. The stranger came up behind the other one and hit him on the head with his elbow. He dropped to the ground holding his head.

"Get out of here." The strange man told them. The three boys carried their unconscious friend and got out as quickly as possible.

"Thanks for your help…What's your name?" Trina asked.

"Nuri. Nuri Kaolin. And what are your names?" He asked politely.

"I'm Nixie."


"Kira, I'm her sister." She said pointing to Lila.


"And I'm Trina."

"Trina! What was all that commotion!" Her boss yelled.

"And that's my boss." She said wincing. "I'll be right back." She walked over to where her boss was standing impatiently waiting for an answer.

"Trina! What the hell were you doing?" He yelled.

"Sir, I was simply standing up for myself." She stated.

"Standing up for yourself?" she nodded." Bullshit! You were antagonizing the customers again weren't you!"

"More like the customers were antagonizing me." She said under her breath.

"Trina. I don't know what to do with you. Whenever a customer comes in, you say something to get on his nerves,"

"Exactly! His nerves! The male customers always hit on me and I simply tell them I'm not interested, then they keep on! What do you expect me to do!"


"Don't 'Trina' me! You know what, I'm sick of this! You never listen to me! You always keep the policy of 'the customer is always right.' Well guess what. If you take the customer over the employee, then you'll lose a hell of a lot of employees. And you know what else! I quit!" She screamed and stormed off. She made her way back to the group, feeling a lot better.

"Let's go. This place is trash." She said and led her friends to the beach.

"Who wants to go swimming?" Kira asked.

"Me!" Everyone but Lila, Trina, and Nuri raised their hands. They all walked down to the water and they all stripped to their bathing suits. Nixie was the first in the water. Followed by Kira, Terra, and Aira. Nixie was wearing a blue bathing suit with even darker blue flowers. Kira was wearing a pink and white bathing suit. Terra had a Brown and pink bathing suit. And Aira was wearing a silver bathing suit. Lila sat on the dock. She wore a black bathing suit with a pair of black shorts. Trina walked to where the others were and sat on the beach. Nuri sat beside her. She was wearing a red bathing suit with flames on it. He wore red swimming trunks.

"So, you quit your job."

"Yup. I was tired of his nagging and blaming everything on me."

"Why did you get it?"

"My parents were nagging me. They said I was lazy and I wanted to prove them wrong."

"You want a new job?"

"Depends on who hires me."

"My boss'll hire you."

"What's the job?" He smiled.

"Modeling. There's a swimsuit contest. A bunch of designers will enter their work and models will try them on and the judges will make a decision on the model, and the designer."

"How much does it pay?"

"Fifty dollars an hour." A shocked look crossed her face.

"For the model? How long do I work?"

"About three hours a day. It's only for the rest of the festival."

"That's …three hundred and fifty dollars!" She squealed. "What do I have to do?"

"Basically, you just get the measurements taken and tell them if it feels comfortable or not."

"Hey, what do you do?"

"Design. My boss just approves it and he sends it to the directors of the contest. You will actually be working for me, but my boss has to approve."

"Does he have to approve everything?"

"Just about."

"When do I start?"

"Well, how about today?"

"What time do I have to be there, and where?" She asked.

"About two, and the old factory on Reed Street."

"I'll be there." She said.

"Great!" He popped up and kissed her cheek. "Oh! Before I forget, all models have to be at least fifteen."

"Don't worry, I'm fifteen." She said.

"I'm nineteen. Can I have another number?" She laughed.

"Maybe after the festival. I'm your employee after all."

"Damn. Can I fire you, get your number, then hire you again?"

"Sorry. I need the job." She got up and walked to the dock.

"But I'll hire you again! Damn she's feisty." He followed her. "Please?"

"Sorry. I'm not going to let you do that." He grabbed her around the waist and 0turned her to face him.

"Please?" He asked giving her the puppy dog pout.

"Oh stop! No!"

"No one can resist the pout." He said and picked her up bridal style.

"Put me down!" She yelled laughing. He did and she slapped him on his chest. He faked pain and a hurt look. She laughed.

"What time is it?" She asked. He looked at his watch.


"What's wrong?"

"It's one thirty! I have to be there by two." He said putting his shirt on. She followed suit and put her dress back on.

"Guys! We're going to the old factory on Reed Street! I'll see you tomorrow!" They waved bye and the duo drove off in his car. The drive wasn't very long and soon they were at his office.

"Nuri, have you found a model yet?" A man with dark brown hair came in the cubicle.

"Yes sir! Right here." He showed her to the man, who was obviously his boss.

"Perfect! How old are you dear?"

"I'm fifteen, sir." She told him.

"Okay. I have a contract you need to sign." Nuri, Trina, and Nuri's boss went down the hall to a conference room. They sat in three chairs and began business.

"Now, since you are fifteen, we don't need your parents approval, as long as you have a workers permit." She showed him the permit and they continued business. He gave her the contract.

"We encourage our employees to read the fine print, because we try our best to make them comfortable." He said and sat back.

"As an employee of Jackson modeling and design company, you must agree to the following terms." She read over a few, until she came to one that surprised her.

"The designer will paint the bathing suit on the model for the first try. What does that mean?" She asked.

"You mean you didn't know? When the design gets approved the designer paints the design on the model. Then it's sized, and made bigger or smaller." The businessman said.

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to, Trina." Nuri said gently.

"Well, who'll paint it? Will it be Nuri or another designer?"

"Nuri, of course. Only our junior models work with him. Him or Trisha. Trisha didn't want to participate in the contest so she wouldn't paint it unless Nuri asked her to."


"It's only me Trina. I promise you. No one else. If you want, we can have Trisha do it. Whatever's comfortable with you." Nuri held her hand tightly.

"I'm not sure," She said slowly. Nuri saw she was uncomfortable.

"Could we have a minute?" His boss obliged and walked out of the room.

"I don't want to be seen nude." She said.

"If it makes you feel better, you can cover up whatever I'm not painting." He told her.

"I just…It's just…I'm not comfortable showing too much skin. Bathing suits are one thing, but being nude is another."

"Well, I can paint blind, but, I'd have to feel…"

"I could help, but,"

"Well, that could work." She smiled.

"We can try it." He said, hugging her.

"Okay." She smiled. She read through the rest of the contract and signed her name at the bottom. After they were done, Nuri drove her home. She smiled the whole way to her room and to bed. This would be a blast.

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