A/N: yet another poem, this one is a tad weird, as it was written in a
history stuff wrong so I though "what the hell, I'll write a
poem Instead!"
Well, here it is, the summary of it is roughly that a girl has been falsely
accused of a crime she didn't commit, (in old England) she's getting
hanged. The poem is in her point of view.

Hanging High
"Don't leave me here,
So high and alone,
Leaving me hanging,
No life line, No home,
Balancing delicately,
On this fine thread,
Don't leave me hanging,
And don't leave me dead."

"You abandoned my life,
You surrendered my spirit,
I'm an innocent girl,
So I didn't do it,
The blame's on my shoulders,
S'pose this is goodbye,
Turn away coward,
And leave me to die."