The bus broke down

So I came home twenty minutes late

Thinking I'd never get that precious time back

To complete the countless chores

That pile up each day


As I walked through the front door

I was greeted to the sound of Play School on TV

But before nostalgia could overtake me

My baby brother and his pre-primary playmate

Came into view, happily chewing on Curly Wurlys

Those cheap yet delicious chocolates of childhood

That's right! My brother was beginning the tradition

Of having a friend come over after school


They were getting tired of Play School

So I invited them to play on my keyboard

For twenty minutes, I was treated to a free concert

Even if the music was out of tune

Then we got out my toys

And tested our animal acting abilities

Afterwards, we went outside

Where I turned from big bear to boss

Waiting for sand deliveries

From madly rushing Tonka trucks

Clean nails became dirty

And Mum told me to change from my uniform

I played running races instead

Resigning myself to being the starting whistle



Later, for the first time ever

When the mums sat down to drink coffee

I joined in their conversation

And when they glanced over at their sons

I could not help but watch as well

For these innocent, carefree souls

The greatest dilemma being faced

Was finding a way to beat the other

At trampolining on an old mattress

Yet the motto on their yellow school shirt

Was in no danger of being broken

If anything, friendship was being strengthened

Because when it comes down to it

When you're five years old

Everyone's a winner


Five year olds are also very observant

When I gave out stickers as rewards

They focussed not on the glittering gold stars

Delighted instead by the flowers in the backyard

Blooming brightly in all their spring glory

I tested them on all the colours they could see

Yet they were the ones who educated me

For they had seen the colours, yet I hadn't known

That time had set rainbows ablaze in my garden


When the time came for farewells

It wasn't only my brother who was saying goodbye

My mind was waving away the winter

And for the first time in a long time

I watched the sunset

I'd forgotten the fragility of the eastern sky

With its pale azure and lavender shades

When compared to the fire of the western sky

The setting sun an orb of deep orange

Its light reflecting onto violet clouds

To form pink hearts in twilight

So that when moonshine finally sparkled

It felt as if I was in some fantastical dream

Rather than standing in my front yard


The moon was well and truly shining

By the time I settled myself to sleep

No doubt the boys had long been sleeping

And dreaming merry dreams

I included them in my prayers that night

Thanking God for their infectious happiness

I might not have completed any of those chores

Instead, I had learnt something far more valuable

Life's greatest pleasures

Are contained within its simplest delights

And time you enjoy wasting

Is not really wasted time


So just before I fell asleep

My mind feeling lighter than it had in a long time

I set my goals for the season of spring:

Tomorrow, I will wear summer clothes

I will watch Play School

I will watch the sunset

I will jump on a mattress

I will venture into the garden more often

And I will eat a Curly Wurly




AUTHOR'S NOTE: My, my, I haven't posted anything up in a long time. I guess that's because I haven't been writing much, which is a result of school. This piece, however, I wrote at the beginning of the month for a poetry competition at school. I earned myself a book voucher, so I was very happy. As far as more pieces are concerned, I really can't guarantee anything, and if I do post something up, it will be the long overdue updates to my Spirit and Soul collection. Ok, please review :)