Thoughts running rampant through my brain,
Thundering across the synapses like a train.
Strangely there is little pain.
The clowns dance before my eyes
Prancing around in disguise
Awaiting my demise
Forever stuck on this revolving sphere
Looking back
Memories, fade to black
As I have this fatal heart attack
Washing away my dreams
Of a young child's gleam
So extreme
Innocence lost with the passing years
Watching as my youth disappears
As we spin round and round, on this rotating sphere
My body will die
This nobody can deny
Although some will try
Return to the dust, which birthed me
Allowing my soul to flee
Escaping shouting with glee
Soaring into the sky
Such a shame that I had to die
It circles around, darting to and fro, from spinning sphere to sphere
Laying in this wooden box
About as fun as smelly socks
Well I'm gone already said goodbye
While I reside this far from the sky
I'll have as much fun, as watching paint dry