Guns Cry Too

Life's a round of laser tag, with ten times the thrill.

You pick up the guns; rules tell you to kill.

It might be your neighbor, a friend or foe.

Maybe someone you don't even know.

But, when the trigger is pulled, and you hear that awful crack,

The barrel's unleashed a monster and there's no turning back.

The bullet is real, so is the blood,

And the faceless corpse lying in the mud.

Blink your eyes at the forsaken gun,

Realizing from sin, you cannot run.

You've killed a man, took his future away,

And burning in the fires of hell, you'll pay.

Now picture the tears in the eyes of his wife.

Arrival of a dreaded phone call will ruin her life.

She'll take her three young children, holding them tight,

Explaining that daddy's never going to kiss them goodnight.

And they'll start to cry that they miss him so,

Asking mommy why their daddy had to go.

What it means when they say daddy was shot in the heart.

Why a bastard like you had to come and rip their family apart.

What's that trickling down your lifeless cheek?

You're absolutely pathetic; thoughtless and weak.

You know they're going to get you and send you to jail.

There you may die, alone and unloved; sick and frail.

Then again, maybe you'll survive; might make a good bitch;

But of course, no one gets raped in jail. Oops, minor glitch.

Now here comes the scary part: that place called death row.

Where they'll make sure to kill you, nice and slow.

That's it, bleed out your forgotten tears; wail and cry.

Your own mother's ashamed to watch her baby die

The game's begun;

So be afraid.

Draw your weapons,

It's time to play.