Why does something both of us love to do tear me apart?
I mean.
I love the theatre.
That is my life.
But, why can't I wait for it to be over?
I understand why I can't talk to you much.
But at the same time I get selfish.
I hate being selfish!
I'm selfish because all I want is you.
I get to a point that.
That I don't care that stage crew is what you love and all I want is you.
Only you to myself.
I love you and that's the only thing that makes me not act selfish.
As much as I love stage crew and theatre.
I can't wait for it to be over.
I can't wait for things to be back to normal.
I can't wait for my parents to get off my back.
But, at the same time.
I can't wait for the next rehearsal.
I can't wait for opening night.
I can't wait for teen arts.
I can't wait for hell week and putting on the costumes.
I wish closing night never has to come.
I feel so many different things at the same time that.
That I get so frustrated and stressed.
It gets to a point that it's too much and I.
I break down.
Why can't people take theatre as serious as I do?
Why can't they just try to have fun while.
While they pay attention.
While they stay quit.
While they.
While they just be good.
I mean,
It would be so much easier if they just.
Just took it seriously.
We have less than 2 weeks and.
And we barely know all the songs and dances.
I don't want to make a fool of myself.
I don't think they want to either.
So, why don't they take the theatre and the teachers seriously?!