She's smart, she's funny, heck, she's drop-dead gorgeous! Somehow, your male brain is not clicking. Maybe you lack social skills. Or maybe it is something you did to make yourself seem offensive. Maybe it is her total disregard for the feelings of others. Then again, it could be you just do not know what to do. So who do you turn to? Your friends' of course. They will probably say that girls love tough guys, so you impress them with your scares and giving her every detail on your skateboard crash. Because, truly, there is nothing better that a tough guy. If this is true, your friends do not know anything. So tune out your friends because the answers to you questions are right here.
How to break the ice if you are just meeting: You are at one of those boring adult parties (your parents made you come). However, you never dreamed that your moms' friends' neighbors' daughter would be so downright hot! You figure getting to know her would be better than standing at the food table eating potato chips. But how do you go about getting her attention? Well you could a) Circle her like a vulture, hoping she will see you and start up a conversation, b) ask your mom to introduce you or, c) bump into her and let her plate of food go flying (you will help her clean it up so she will think your so polite). A seems like the easiest choice, but chances are, your foolish plan will crumble and she could think your stalking her (that's very bad! Especially if she has a very strong dad or brother that will knock your lights out if he is suspicious). If you chose C, you should be ready for anything. Some girls hate to be embarrassed, and yes this would count as an embarrassing moment. So she may think you are a klutz (or worse in special ed.) and that would be getting off to a rocky start. Now, for all of the guys who chose B, you are headed on a good track. Chances are your mom has already introduced to her parents so it would be easy for her to introduce you two. After the ice is broken, ask a question over some Cokes (please refrain from burping).
How to break the ice if you already know who she is: You see her in the hallway everyday between bio and geometry. She sticks out like a Corvette surrounded by mini vans. You don't know much more than her name, but you think about her often. It would seem weird just to strike up a conversation right I the middle of the hallway, especially if her giggly friends are around. You need to be a detective and figure out what she is interested in. Is it drama, baseball, dance, writing, reading? Find out (so you have something to talk about) then make your move. If you spot her reading in the library during study hall, go sit with her or better yet, ask her to recommend a good book. It could get you started on a conversation. No, you don't have to talk about books the whole time. If all goes well ask her to join you at lunch. If she really is interested it will not be the last lunch you share.
Opening lines: One thing I wish guys would learn is to say "hi". Why do they have to say some fancy opening line or just stand there and ignore you? "Hi, how are you?" or "What's up?" would go much farther that "Do I know you?" Even if you call a girl o the phone of instant message her, just say "hey" will make you sound mature. Here is a saying: If you try to be cool you will look like a fool. It means, if you think too much about yourself, you will end up saying (or not saying) something wrong. So how should you act instead of cool? Try to act mature. Even the dumbest girls know that we start maturing before guys. That is still no excuse. Girls will think higher of you if you are courteous. Ok, so if that's asking to much of you, realize this; do you really think a girl would be attracted to a jerk? No. Most girls are more fragile than guys, so be careful.
Uh oh! You blew it! - So you'er feeling stupid because you said something to the hottie that sits in front of you in English. Either it hurt her feelings or made her mad; you have not completely melted the ice cube. There is still a chance for an apology. It may be that last thing you want to do, but it will score you major points. It dose not have to be something dramatic (yikes!) or big. Just tap her on the shoulder or stop her in the hallway and say "I'm sorry for (insert wrong doing here)." If she is mature enough, then she will accept your apology. If not, then learn from your mistake. There are other fish in the sea.
The actual conversation: So now that the ice is broken, you have this girl in your radar. DO NOT just stand there drooling (it's very gross!) and do not automatically start talking about yourself. If you are interested in this chic you need to learn more about her. If you talk about yourself right off the bat then she probably will get bored with the ongoing details of how much fun it is to beat up the opposite team on the football field. Sometimes it is hard to realize what you are doing. If girl's is interested she will show it but, if you find your girl trying to change the subject, looking away, or bored that means she probably wants to talk about something else (this may also work for you if she gets too annoying but some still do not take the hint). Do not take it as a diss, it may just mean she wants to have something to say towards the conversation. Ok, so is you must continue with that critical time you scored 5 goals in your soccer match she can give you every detail on her month long journey to find the perfect shade of lip gloss. Some other conversation don'ts are answering questions with one word. For example, if she asks you what kind of music you like, reply and return the question to her. Do not talk about how hot other girls are, even celebrities. It just makes you seem like you would rather be with them instead of the girl you want to be focusing on. The most important ting, do not lie. Yes, I girl would think it is pretty cool for you to be a bungee jumper and have traveled all over the United States but, I have never met a girl who likes a liar (I doubt I ever will). Trust us girls; it is not cool under any circumstances. This is how a good conversation should go: Guy-I've played baseball for 8 seasons. Girl-That's cool, who do you play for? Guy-I play for the school team. This past season we were one of the top teams in the country. Girl-Wow! That's way cool. What position do you play? Guy-I play third base. Do you like baseball?
Ok, now that is a good flowing conversation. It says enough about you and let's the girl talk. Ok, so your conversations don't have to be that dull and limited about sports. School is another thing to talk about. If you go to the same school you could talk about the classes you share or not share and if you don't go to the same school, you can compare teachers and life in general. Be open to all topics. OK, so you do not have to engage in a shopping spree fantasy. Talk about things that both of you would feel comfortable discussing. Just a warning of caution, if you think this girl is hot; chances are another guy(s) already does too. She could even have a boyfriend. If there is a surefire chance you will see her again then you can pop the question casually. If she is from B.F. Egypt, then enjoy the time spent and realize the whole process was not a waste of time. Consider it practice for that sizzling girl in science. Hey, she could even give you advice on how to get girls. She probably will find that very cool and be happy to offer it. That is the best source to get advice from.
How to Act alone or with Friends: So now that you got the talking part down, you have to show you are interested. How? Through your body language. Now that may seem impossible, but that is why I am writing this paper. You want to sand strait and keep your head up. It shows that you have confidence and are easier to approach. Do not have a sour look on your face. Instead smile slightly and try to look like you are enjoying yourself. When the girl is talking, make sure you look her in the eye. Looking elsewhere will say that you are not interested (unless you are trying to convey that message). So it is not that hard to show you are interested if you are single. But what if you have the gang with you?
Some girls understand that guys really do not like to be bothered by girls when they are around there friends. In fact, some girls try to avoid guys in a heard because they know they will act jerky. The goal here is not to act like a jerk. A simple 'hi" can go along way without having to stop for a full on conversation without your buds laugh track behind you. Are the guys really bad about teasing you? Think about this, what do girls love? Maturity, and if you do say hi and the guys start teasing, shake it off. If you really care about a girl then your friends should not influence you to be a jerk. Just do not go along with it, when your best friend is talking to a girl. Now I am not saying act mature all the time. Right when your girl splits, act as goofy as you want.
One more tip on acting: If you pick a fight with an adult or sibling, it makes you look even worse. Try to be calm about an argument. It is very attractive.