Her face was white. The black pupil in her eyes grew wide until there was only a thin circle of green left. Her throat closed, her whole body seemed to be on fire. As she fell, images flashed before her eyes; a man dressed in black approached her through the shadows; a strange woman waved at her from across the street; being chased by an unknown creature to an opening in the trees where she was now. A stream trickled at her feet, while the cold pierced through her jeans to numb her swollen knees. She had never felt pain like this before; it was like her soul was being sucked slowly out through the weeping gash in her side. As the cold surrounded her, freezing her body from within, her breath deepened and became ragged.
He watched her fall to her knees with a grim but satisfied expression sweeping his scarred face. His eyes gleamed in the moonlight and crimson blood dripped slowly from the glittering dagger in his hand. He pulled a white, silk handkerchief from his jacket pocket carefully slid it across the blade, then returned it to his pocket along with the dagger. "You know it's taking you an awful long time to die." The man said darkly. "Well, I guess that's better." His lips curled at the corners as he added, "For me anyway." A piercing laugh escaped him as he moved from the shade of the trees to the crumpled form of the woman. She looked up. He saw the scared, vulnerable young face of a girl he once knew, a moment later it was replaced with a scowl making him doubt if it had ever been there at all.
He looked almost inhuman as he glanced down at her with a look of satisfaction, gaining pleasure from her pain. She wanted to shout, scream- anything in retaliation, to wipe that smirk off his face, but couldn't utter a word. All she could muster was the hardest, coldest scowl. He seemed to be surprised by this, which made her wonder-'What did he expect me to do?' - lie on the mossy ground and writhe in pain until I took my last breath? No. She wouldn't do that. She would stand her ground; make him see the truth of what happened 20 years previously. As she staggered to her feet she saw fury flare behind his eyes and a triumphant smile played across her face.
"What are you doing?" He hissed.
"You need to know the truth about your sister." She said simply.
His face drained of colour she obviously struck a nerve.
"How dare you speak about my sister." He spat, "After all you did to her, actually I should be saying - all you didn't do for her!" He snapped.
She flinched at the memory, but knew it wasn't her fault; she hadn't made the decision to leave her best friend behind. She had to explain that to him.
"Alex listen to me, it wasn't my fault, your sister made the decision. She asked me to leave her, told me that I couldn't save her. She would rather I lived than both of us die."
He looked exasperated, "What? That's your big explanation? I've heard it all before. You could of ignored her, tried to help her but you didn't did you."
"No." She sighed, "But."
"Exactly, you didn't, instead you left her to die then married her fiancé six months later. How could you have done that to your best friend? Huh? Well I'll tell you, because you're a cold-hearted, jealous bitch with so sense of loyalty or friendship and I'm here to avenge my baby sister!"
Jasmine instinctively put her hand to her side to find her clothes soaked with blood. She was feeling a little dizzy and wavered on her feet for a few seconds before collapsing to the damp floor.
"Cut!" shouted Paul Thomson, the director of 'Betrayal'. He pushed himself off his chair then gestured for everyone to be quiet. "That was great guys, but Leon the part where it says, 'His lips curled at the corners' you just have to give a small, brief smile. Not a huge toothy grin." Paul laughed; Leon nodded. The director turned to Katya, " Oh, and when you collapse near the end try not to fall hard in one go. Maybe drop to your knees first. Do it slowly to give a more dramatic feel."
"Sure thing, Paul" Katya assured him.
"Right, I think one more take will be enough for this scene so let's get moving." Paul shouted as he rushed them onto the set and slid into his director's high chair. He nodded to the man with the scene clapper who announced it was, 'Scene 24, take 2'. The camera started to roll.

I know its really short, it was much longer on paper. We had to write a story that mislead the reader into thinking something horrible or shocking was happening. I know mine is crap, but my teacher liked it. She said it was A* material. I kept thinking if that was A* material then what is C material? Review plz. Even just to say its rubbish. I need feedback.