I won't break your wings,
I'll just watch you sink,
Everything will be alright.
Step out in the light,
Let me see your face,
Behind high walls of silk and lace.
Bruises abide,
No one knows who lied,
Do they really care?

This is just a façade,
No one knows my nerves are frayed.
Stuck inside my head,
No one understands what I just said.

Listen to these words:
I won't lie again,
Say goodbye again,
This is how it ends.

No more lives to screw,
No more days that just won't go away.
I say I'm sorry now,
You don't ask how,
To you I'm just happy now,
Just too happy now,
To you.

I won't break your wings.
I'll just watch you sink.
Everything will be okay…