Nicole Doesn't Know

Nicole doesn't know

There still is time

To deprive the world

Of her beauty is a crime

She decides too early

The action to take

To fall into merciful sleep

And never awake

It was the world's mistake

She can't see it through her woe

It is not her fault

But Nicole doesn't know

Before knowing herself

And her own strength

She loses her childhood

Only away an arms length

Nicole doesn't know

How strong she'd become

If she had some believers

She may not succumb

If she'd just have waited

A few more years

She'd have seen

It isn't always just tears

It's too late now

Nicole didn't know it

They loved her so much

But weren't sure how to show it

If she'd have hung in there

By then she would've known

Happiness can be found

She wouldn't always be alone

From above she sees

How they loved her so

And cries her tears

Because Nicole didn't know


Please tell your loved ones how you feel. You never know if it may be your last chance.