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From the Beginning:

"Dreams are regarded as either a favorable or a hostile manifestation by higher powers, demonic and divine. When modes of thought belonging to natural science began to flourish, all this ingenious mythology was transformed into psychology, and today only a small minority of educated people doubt that dreams are a product of the dreamers own mind."(Freud)

When I was a little girl, I always thought that if I had thought of something-anything special to me, something I would want to happen to me, I could dream it. If I could focus all of my energy into that one thought, then perhaps I would dream it and I could sleep more soundly. I soon realized that this focus was more than built in my mind, that it was real and I kept feeding it. Like a seed, my dreams grew more and more elaborate. If I kept dreaming about things I wanted, life would be absolutely perfect. However, there are always flaws in a seemingly flawless plan. My dreams became erupted with fear and my self-consciousness. It was almost like karma. My selfishness got in the way of my life. And now, I am a creature unknown to man. Something that I had made unto my own.

Before my tale becomes too dramatic/fantastical, let me explain. I have the power and the will to dream things and have them come true. You could call me a prophet; you could call me psychic, the point is I have the power to make things happen.

To some extent.

I can't dream about world peace and bada bing bada boom, next morning the mean old man that lives down the hall from me will leave flowers at me door-no. That's not the way things work. I learned that early on; painfully but all the same, the message was crystal clear.

And if for one second you think that I'm some sort of freak-some sub-human, I'm not alone! Try having a witch for your best friend.

"Eva! Have you seen my keys?" shouted Kira as she tore her room to shreds.

"No I haven't," replied Eva in a calm voice as she stirred the contents of her cup, inhaling the steam.

"Do you wanna try and help me?" Kira sarcastically asked.

"Why don't you just dream that you found them?" Eva jestingly supposed.

"Oh that's hilarious," Kira dryly spoke as she came out of her room.

"Why not? You know you can."

"That's not the point. That would be using my 'gift' for something other than the good of human-kind."

"Oh like you care about human-kind."

Kira looked up from the couch where she had been searching and gave Eva a look.

"I do care, I'm human. Ya know, the same thing you are?" she said as she lazily rested her hands on her hips.

Eva kept her eyes focused on her cup and shrugged.

"Hey Eva, what's up?" Kira worriedly asked as she moved around the couch and towards her best friend who was standing in the entranceway to the kitchen.

"Nothing," she plainly replied, then shoving the cup in Kira's face, said, "Drink this."

"Fuck no, I hate tea," Kira responded as she bound into the kitchen searching through the drawers for her keys.

Eva rolled her eyes and turned around to watch Kira, "It's not just tea. It's got special stuff inside." Eva shrugged as she offered Kira the cup again.

"No way," laughed Kira as she went back to the living room to the couch.

Eva sighed as she leaned against the kitchen wall, "Did you look in your jacket pocket? The jacket you wore last night?"

Kira popped up like a prairie dog and raised her left eyebrow. Eva rolled her eyes again as Kira jumped up to the coat closet by the door and found her jacket, only to pull her keys out of it.

"Why couldn't you have told me earlier? Now I'm gonna be late for work."

Eva shrugged as she took a sip of the tea. "It's fun to see you flustered."

Kira glared at her and grabbed her purse and over her shoulder, shouted, "Bye Evee! See you later tonight."

"Bye," Eva said as the door shut.

Kira slipped her jacket on as she moved down the disgusting hallway and to the staircase that led to the outside world. Once she was outside, she located her black Honda and was on her way to Blu Bird's, the bar she worked at.

Pulling into her employee parking space, she turned the car off and locked it. Straightening her work blouse, she walked towards the front door and greeted Bobby as she came through.

"Hey Bobby."

Bobby, the bodyguard, nodded kindly at Kira and let her through. The bar was full and crowded, Kira silently hoped that there wouldn't be any fights tonight-she hated having to tell big ruffians that they had to play nice or get the hell out.

"Agh, Kira! Finally! Jack is being an asshole; snap him out of it! Please!" spoke a petite dirty blonde passing by with a tray full of Bloody Mary's. Kira sighed and called out a thank you to Cassandra, the petite dirty blonde.

Kira went up to the bar and smiled at the man behind it. "Hey, Chris," she said.

Chris glanced up from the cup he was drying and smiled. "Better find Jack, I hear he's quite the asshole tonight."

The corners of Kira's mouth lifted to a full on smile. She leaned over the counter and scratched Chris's head, messing up his golden curly locks. "Thanks," she said as she moved around the bar and towards the back door that read 'employees only' in big black bolded letters.

Kira moved past the workers lounge, which was rarely ever used, and to the door at the very end of the hall. She timidly knocked.

"That better be Kira!" roared the voice.

"It is," she softly spoke.

When he didn't say anything, she opened the door and moved inside. Jack had his head in his arms on top of his desk.

"Oh Kira," he morosely spoke as he lifted his head. He looked absolutely miserable. "The divorce is final!"

Kira bit her bottom lip and hesitantly moved towards his desk. "It'll be ok, Jack."

Jack and his wife of 15 years were separating now; Jack was very raw around the subject.

He sighed, leaning against his palm. The grip Kira had on her purse lightened as she saw how sad he really was.

Clearing her throat, Kira said, "Was there anything else you needed? Something to drink, perhaps?" Jack sat up straight, stretched, and shook his head. "Alright, well I'm gonna start work now." He nodded and she quietly came out of his office. Once she was outside and the door was closed behind her, she raised both eyebrows and mouthed the word, 'wow'.

Kira slipped her apron on and pulled out her notepad and pencil. She walked up to a table that hadn't been served yet and started taking their order. Her whole shift was busy. She was bouncing back from the bar to table to table.

That night, when Kira came home, she saw Eva laying on the couch sound asleep. A cup of what Kira had assumed was tea, was half emptied. Kira smiled a tired smile and pulled a blanket over Eva's tired body.

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