My cheeks turn red as I turn away.
You walk past and I silently say,
'Forgive me, my love, for I am ashamed,
It is I my love, who is to be blamed.'

Embarrassed love is that which I call
Love you hold secret, that does not stand tall.
Longing for you each day of my life,
Yet causes me pain, torment and strife.

You may not be the best one around,
But you look up, and not towards the ground.
Handsome is that which you may not be,
The beauty's inside, that's what I see.

Mortified is the feeling I own,
Yet feelings like this, I never have known.
Give up this charade, that's what I'll do,
To my heart and yours I must be true.

The others may think whatever they will,
They can be selfish, but I will fulfill
My heart long desire to be ever yours,
To walk in the sunset along sandy shores.

Good-bye and good riddance to ashamed love,
To all that hard grief, I give a shove.
Tossed into the bin, and kicked out the door,
Embarrassed love, shan't be anymore.