You haunt me. Your presence, unspoken, floats above my body and whispers things into my mind that make me shiver. The purple sky sprinkled with silver stars seems to glow from outside my open window. I can hear you draw in a shaky breath and run your hands through my hair as I close my eyes and let a tear roll down my cheek.
I can't fight back anymore. I wrap the velvet sheets around my body and let the memories drown me in insecurity until I can't breathe. You're choking me. Unwrap your fingers from around my neck, fade away like the wisps of silver slowly gliding through the stars. Take your soft words back because I know now what it meant to you, as empty as the night.
Leave me with nothing just as you wanted. The red of my lips, the black of my eyes. I drop the mirror, watch it crash and run my fingers over my skin to warm me up but I'm cold as ice. I lower my dark lashes and bite my lip in pain, everything reminds me of you. The frozen image of your face evaporates in front of my eyes and I'm left trying to replace the shards of broken glass.
It all fell apart, just as I'd feared for so long. Crystal drops of rain hit my window and I look up as if expecting someone. But there's only empty space and the words you last said to me. My vision is clouded as I wring my hands and step slowly onto the floor. I stand up, my long dress flowing, and wipe the stains of tears from my pale cheeks.
It's raining even harder outside. White mist surrounds my frail body, drowning me in my thoughts, screaming out in fury and letting out a cry of exasperation. I rip strands of hair out, streaks of rain smoothing my dress onto my breasts. I wish I wasn't here. I wish.
A black silhouette stands in the distance, beckoning me, reaching out and smiling sadly. I walk closer, choking and hysterical. It's fading.

You're fading.