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Some things you need to know…

I live in Australia, so if things seem a bit weird...yeah. I think I should explain the school system first. You start school at around 5yrs old…that's Kindergarten. At the end of each year, you graduate a grade. So after Kindergarten, it's grade 1, then 2….all the way to 6. And that's the end of primary school. This is when you change to a high school. High school is from grade 7 to 12. Then you go to University. If any of that doesn't make sense, just ask me in a review. ^^

I was practically shaking with anticipation. Actually, wait, let me rephrase…I was shaking with anticipation.

Oh yeah, I probably also looked like a female version of ET at the moment. And yes, I do mean ET as in the Extra Terrestrial with wrinkled skin and a giant head…the alien character…thing.

Translation…I was smiling like a dork.

Well, come on, who could blame me? I mean, seriously, if you were in my position, you'd probably be running naked through the staff room, pashing every male teacher above the age of 60.

OK…maybe not. But you get the idea.

Let's rewind a bit shall we?

OK, I've brought you back two years…grade 10. Yeah, this is around the time when everyone started to turn into adults. The whole teenage depression, experimenting, rebelling…you get the picture. So…everyone's just happily riding along through life…and then...*drum roll*

5 minutes before school. Enter…new student.

"Err…Mathew…you there?" I asked, giving him a slight push.

No response. You know how people say that their eyes are glued to something, when they are staring and can't look away? Well, Mathew had his eyes glued to someone I didn't recognise, who was walking across our school grounds. Literally.

Ok, fine, not really…just figuratively. Yeah, he was staring.

"I don't remember seeing that chick anywhere before. You?" Jessica asked beside me.

"Nup. Must be new." I replied.

"Well, looks like all the guys are interested already."

"Yep, even Mathew. I have such a faithful boyfriend don't I?" I muttered.

Yep, you heard right. My boyfriend, mine! Ok, so now I sound spastic. So what?! You going to do something about that?! Ok...so maybe that sounded spastic too. But, come on, he's not suppose to be interested in other chicks. Only me! Right?

Ok, so she did look hot, sort of…alright…fine, I admit…she looked like the type that the guys in my grade were going to drool over for ages. Yes, she looked very hot.

Frustrated, I shoved the still staring Mathew. He fell to the ground as expected. Good.

"What? Venus, what was that for?!" he demanded.

Oh yeah, little fact I forgot the mention…Venus is me. Don't you love my name? And no…that wasn't sarcasm. I'm just a bit up myself…just a tiny bit.

I glanced down at Mathew. He…well…looked very annoyed. So maybe he didn't deserve what I did, but it felt good to show him that I was annoyed. That's what boyfriends are for, right? I think…

Anyway, that's how I left him, before I walked away, dragging Jessica with me…and also ignoring the weird looks people were giving me of course.

Little did I know that, this new student was…my fairy godmother.

I wish.

No…little did I know that, this new student was…going to completely change our grade…and especially, me.

So me, being the innocent and angelic me…did I hear someone coughing?! I am innocent and angelic! I am!

Anyway, as I was saying. Being the innocent and angelic me, I was doing some last minute homework since Mrs Jenkins was late. Mrs Jenkins is my Maths teacher by the way, and Maths was first period for me today. Why is homework always so hard? I looked up at the open door, trying to remember a formula.

And suddenly, at the same second, she walked in. I swear, I'm psychic!

And no, I don't mean the new girl. I mean Mrs Jenkins. Duh!

Oh wait. Sorry, it was the new girl who walked in. I wasn't thinking properly, and I thought she was Mrs Jenkins.

"Oh, hi everyone. I'm like, new. My parents moved me to this school because there were like heaps of guys like fighting over me in my last school."

Gee…someone's modest. Now that I got a closer look, she looked like Barbie's twin. Blonde hair, very short skirt, too much make-up…the list goes on.

"Wow! You're so lucky to have guys fighting over you. That's never happened to anyone in our grade," someone behind me said.

What? Someone was actually replying to her? Ok, fine, so it would have been really rude not to. But still! Turning around, I identified the evil culprit as Theresa.

"Oh, really? That's totally cool," Barbie's twin squealed.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't find anything totally cool about what Theresa said.

"Hey, sit down. No one sits in this spot," Jennifer said, gesturing to the seat beside her.

Oh fine, Jennifer and Theresa can befriend her. I don't care. I never liked either of them anyway. Wait a second, why was Barbie-look-alike walking towards me? Oh no! The spot next to Jennifer was also next to me! Arrrgggghhhhhh!

I turned to Jessica, who was on my other side, to find her giving me an amused look. So what if I looked totally freaked out?

Tap tap. Oh no! Please…no…please don't let that be Barbie-look-alike tapping me. I plastered on a bright fake smile and turned around.

"Hey. Sup?" I asked. Why did my voice sound so high?

"Oh, nothing really. I saw you like push down a guy like before school. He looked like really hot! So who is he?"

"That'd be Mathew. He's my boyfriend." Somehow that turned out way more threatening than I had planned.

"Oh. Don't worry, I won't dare touch him. Just wondering," she said, giggling.

Was that supposed to flood me with relief? Somehow, it didn't. What the…now she's smirking at me. I don't get that.

"So what's your name?" That was Theresa asking Barbie-look-alike of course. Notice that I'm not slapping myself in shock.

"My name? It's like Kristy. I haven't met anyone with like the same name as me yet."

One word would have been enough Kristy. But no…you just had to make a big deal.

"Wow. You're so lucky. Kristy is such a cool name," Jennifer squealed.

Since when did Theresa and Jennifer suck up?

"Of course. If my parents had like given me a stupid name like Jessica, I would have sued them to change it. I mean, like a million people have that name. It's like, so unoriginal."

I glanced around to Jessica. In any other situation, I would have fell off my chair laughing…she oddly resembled a tomato.

"I know! I'm so glad I don't have that name," I heard Theresa reply nervously. That bitch! Isn't Jessica going to say anything?! Too late…my mouth just can't help itself…

"I think Jessica's a cool name. My friend's name is Jessica," I said loudly, gesturing to Jessica.

You will not believe what that bitch Kristy replied to this…

"Really?" This is where she glances at Jessica with distaste.

Oh wait…wrong line. This next part is what you won't believe…

"What? I feel so sorry for you. I mean, like, your parents must be really sad. Like, lame sad."

Notice that Theresa and Jessica have stopped talking, and everyone else is silent. I can't remember the last time anyone has insulted Jessica to her face, and meant it. Allow me to rephrase…I have never, ever, heard anyone insult Jessica to her face.

Well, there was this one time when someone said her photo of when she was young was really ugly. Oh! I guess there was this other time when someone said that she really sucked at soccer. And, I remember now! Someone…

Now I'm contradicting myself…not good. Ignore all those times that I suddenly remembered. Jessica is an angel. Seriously. Heaps of guys have crushes on her. She's beautiful, smart, and the sweetest person I know. She's the type who's really popular, but too nice for anyone to hate. I think she's the only reason people even talk to me. Ok fine, well maybe that's exaggerating it a bit, but she's still an angel!

Ok. Let's fast forward this story a bit.

Basically, the bitches Kristy, Theresa and Jennifer became friends and formed a new group that day.

Ever seen Mean Girls? Well, our grade never actually had plastics. This was probably because my friends were the drop dead gorgeous chicks of the grade, and none of them were bitches. Take note that I didn't include myself. I am bitchy when I'm provoked, and I am not drop dead gorgeous. I seriously don't know how I managed to have such great friends, but it's not like I'm going to start complaining anytime soon.

If you've started to wish that your grade was as perfect as mine...sorry to shatter your dream world, but I'm not finished.

See…Kristy, she's only bitchy to girls. It's a whole new story when she's flirting with guys. Seems like a perfect example of a 'mean girl', doesn't she? And it's pretty obvious that Theresa and Jennifer are going to tag along her from now on, and become 'mean girls' too.

You don't need to be psychic to guess that our grade's social pyramid was going to shift a bit.

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