In my life for what seems like seconds
You had a way of making me laugh when I was at my worst
You had a way of making me feel better about myself when I was down
You had a smile that could light up a room and cheer up even the saddest of
You were stolen from me.
The trucker had no right to take you from me
You had no right to fall asleep while driving
The paramedics had no right not to save your life
The angels had no right to take away that laugher I so cherished and needed
You were stolen from the world.
Seeing you lying there is like not seeing you at all
You're pale and motionless
You aren't even there
There is no laugher in this now dark and dreary room
This can't be a real place
I wouldn't believe it was real
There was to much sadness from living
We all felt so blind
You life was stolen from us all
Remember, you were supposed to be there for me forever
You were the one who was supposed to get married to that one perfect person
What about the children you were supposed to pass down that smile of yours
You were supposed to grow old and die at the oldest age possible
But that stolen from you.