Why don't you get a Dodge?

Original song: The Offspring , Why don't you get a job?

New lyrics written by: Sean O'Raw

My friend needs a new car and she needs it bad. She tells me everyday. She said "man
I really need to get a car and I need it right away". She sits in the bus just to get to
work. She doesn't get alot on payday. The car cost more denero just to take it home. Well my
friend ya hafta say. I won't pay, I don't want it, No WAY! Uh un I'm going to get a Dodge.
Said No Way, I don't want it, just get it away, uh un I want a Dodge. I guess all her money
well isn't enough to get A/C or a stereo. I guess all her money well it isn't enough because
that dealer has expensive rates. I don't want it, What did I say? No WAY! Uh Un, I'm getting
a No Way! Are you Deaf? NO WAY! Uh Un, I really want a Dodge. Well I guess it's
expensive to drive nothin' at all. Whoa Yeah! Well Hey Man! Free rides don't just drive
along everyday.

(Let me tell you about my other friend now)

My friend's bought a new car. And the earth hates it. It tells me everyday. It saves
more ozone just to keep it at home. Well my friend I gotta say. Why don't you buy a new
, I think you should get a Dodge. It is safe. And it cost's less. HEYYY. Why don't
you get a Dodge. Why don't you buy a new car. HEYYY. You are going to enjoy your Dodge. I
said it's safe and it cost's less and they're cool. Buddy. Why don't you get a Dodge?