Wraith-like in the lamp light

Fresh blood on your pallid lips

Eyes aglow with unnatural fire

Passion on the rise after the feast

Midnight wander

A warrior by moon's silvery light

Fighting your battles within your lonely, immortal heart

Sitting at last beside me

After so many months waiting for you

At last you've taken my veins' beauty

Hot mouth draining my heart

My blood yielding, invertible and precious,

Given willingly into your care

Rainbows in the arc-light

A halo in your hair

As you stepped inside my home

Crossed the threshold of guilty longing

And held out your icy, candle-wax hand

To me, at last, to me

The fateful kiss

So nearly fatal

Yet you hold back

Your desire was quenched in that draught

While mine still hungered

Aching for more

For the release only you can bring

For a chance to share your perfect life

Maybe if I wait till you sleep

I can break your charm

Taste of your blood

Recreate myself as your unholy mirror

Take the chance myself

Release myself by stealing your magic

Perhaps I can

Perhaps I will.