Do u use txt spk?

In a world where modern technology is taking over, children (and adults) are using 'net' or 'txt' speak to email and text message each other. Nowadays there is more email sent than regular letters and in the UK in one month alone over one billion text messages are sent (more than 30 million a day!) – many using 'net' and 'txt' language to abbreviate word so that they take up less characters in a message.

Because of this many people's grammar and spelling is getting worse and there have been claims that texting is affecting the way kids write and spell in lessons at school.

Do u agree?

In England one head teacher is introducing extra English lessons, because he says text messaging is affecting the way his pupils write and teachers from a school in Cambridgeshire say grammar and spelling amongst Year 10 and 11 pupils is getting worse.

Research shows that almost 90% of eleven to sixteen year old have mobile phones and that one in five of them use their phones purely for text messaging. This age group are texting their mates so often that 'txt' speak is becoming second nature to them and they are using it in school by accident.

In this modern world is 'txt' language going to disrupt education?