Kissing Rain

Two bodies on

Stretching sands that

Careen into the distance

Only frayed by the oceans edge

Their apparitions

Wash over each other

In silent monotones

A conspiracy between

Brushed flesh

And stolen glances

Draws out a secret desire

Enticing an ache

For breath on flesh

Brown gaze meets blue

Hungry eyes cause

Lips to connect

Infusing souls

Like melted wax

In a summer haze

Eyes shuttered

Hearts exposed

Wind en-swirls

Loves embrace

The Deepening kiss

Wakes a nameless passion


And sparking

Like flint




Into a ravenous hunger

Of lust

Lost in their rapture

They don't comprehend

The swelling skies

The massing grey above

Ecstasy overflowing

Like a running tap

Every drop like nectar

Pooling between them

Just as their connection climaxes

The sky bursts

Releasing imprisoned droplets

Of chipped ice blue

Free falling


Sending tiny pulses


Coarse deep into their skin

Like euphoric grenades

Suddenly distracted

By This new sensation

Wrenching them from their

Blissful entrapment

Tearing one form into two once again

The world let in

And all that is left

Is a bitter aftertaste

Of the lingering kiss

Words Urged from within

Slip out on an accord of their own

Spoken softly

"I Love You"

Before a reply

Could ever be spoken

They are

Stolen by the whispering breeze

And blown away

Like dust

But its clear

She heard

As her eyes mimic

The falling skies.

A/N: Hello.I'm back can't say for how long though I seem to be suffering
extreme writers block and my style seems to have changed a lot but when
your inspired after months of nothing you have to just write (even if it is
2 in the morning lol) well please R&R