It's so easy to tell a stranger
Someone you don't know.
But to tell someone you care about
Or even someone you love.

Things should be forgotten
Never to see daylight again
But I keep dwelling in the past
Reliving the old pain

So hard to let someone close again
So afraid then to miss you
So hard to even open my mouth
So I keep on hiding the truth

All those days all alone
Crying lonely tears
All the confusing memories
Of those wasted years

I just want to hold someone
Close, not letting go
But I hate commitments
And the word called "love"

Won't someone come kiss me?
Hold me tight today
Don't tell me your name
Just hold me then go away

Don't say you love me
Don't say you care
Just hold me tight
Right now, right here

Then when you leave me
Please don't remember
My name or my face
Just a kiss in September.

It's so easy to kiss a stranger
Because they don't expect a thing
It's so easy to tell a stranger