"Darkness's Search"

In the depths of the Night
The Darkness finds thee.
In the shadow's shadow
The bitter taste of love's sweet hate
Burns into thine memory.

As thee watches the clouds go by,
Dost thou ever stop and wonder why
Those fluffy white puffs of white
Show the world their opposite
In the terrible gales of Nature's Fury?

How does darkness hide in white
And stars in the night?
Is there a rule written in the starts
Which says the world must be
Both black and white and murky gray?

The world signs and something dies,
The darkness grins its malignant grin
As the sun hides behind Nature's Fury.
In the depths of the night and
In the shadow's shadow
The darkness will find thee
And greet thee with her blackened arms of despair.

Welcome to the shadow's hate
Welcome to the white's black
Welcome to the hidden darkness
Welcome to the lost happiness
You have found Darkness's Lair
You have found the Darkness
When the Darkness was searching
For you.

-Shadow Jade