Your betrayal burns my soul, consumes my every whim. You thought righteously you could sustain it. That you could live with yourself. So why do you tremble when I am near? Is it because you remember my screams, my cries, my pleading eyes? Or is it you know I am stronger, now, that if you tapped my very heart I'd push back and your world would fall too.

Would your world fall as hard as mine? My innocence taken, my childhood lost. Would your world fall to your feet and be swallowed by the black hole that is now your heart? Would it fall like my world did, leading into world of darkness where conscience never lay. Where gray clouds dance along your sorrow and pronounce your fail to want to live? The pressure of your hatred so deep it had become a part of you, mingling with your memories, the ones that stole me away?

My hatred for you burns more then my eyes did that night. The stars store down on us and watched everything. Watched my tears fall and my world shatter. The mirror on your door reflecting it all. My hatred burns more then my scars of fear. But I can't...

I tried to tell, and open my mouth for the swirling words that bounced in my mind and be spoken. You took my voice that night. I haven't spoken since. Are you happy? Are you joyed? Excited? Did it please you?

Or are you afraid? Cowardly? Fearful of my eyes. Will you give me back my voice? Sorry will not help. The tears will do no good. The hatred is too deep, but what can I do without my voice...?

Give me back my voice! I wish for my sanity! My life, my wish, my hopes, my dreams! I want to forget, but you took that from me. I can't forget, I can't speak, I can't channel it all into my heart and swallow it like my happy memories. It fell. It shattered. It left my soul. When you raped me...