Eternity Within Me

Fires of Hell burn and blaze,
I see the world through a filmy haze.

Demon's laughter fills my ears,
And glowing eyes see my tears.

I'm screaming here witin these walls,
I'm yelling here please hear my call.
The walls are skin,
What god my sin?
To be locked away,
From the light of day.

Tears feed the flames
Burning higer in their games.
Pouring down like rain but does not,
Extinguish flame so hot.
But rises higher, higher
Seeking to drown, its most unwitting sire.
I can not stop the tears that fall,
They rise higher threatening to drown all,

I see through windows the distant world,
But they seem not not with in me curled.

Please let the fire fade,
Let my price be paid.
I know not what my sin,
But please let it end.

I can not take much more,
Please someone open the door.
See my pleading eyes
hear my pleading cry.

You see my tears yet don't understand,
Nor do i but that is but as sand,
Small things that need not matter,
God just let down the ladder.
Release me from my prison cell,
I swear to all i will not tell,
Any secrets that i hold,
God please release me from this cold,
within me.