Tears And Raindrops

Tears fall from adolesent eyes,
Like raindrops from the clouded skies.
Thunder resounds in horrored ears,
While others hear silence and know not her fears.
She huddles in a darkend space,
And listens to her clattering heart race.
Her eyes see things others fail to see,
And wishes of one day being free,
Of sorrow, pain, and misery,
And all the horrors that could be.
A darkness fills her in a living death,
And streals away her very breath.
No one knows for which she mourns,
All they see is the sorrow that adorns,
Her once beautious face,
That now is left but a trace.
Her face is darkened lost its joy,
She's quiet dark and ever coy,
So see the girl and see her pain,
See the tears and see the rain.
Tears fall from Adolesent eyes,
Like raindrops from the clouded skies.