I saw it. It was all real. Much too real. And now. well. lets just say I don't have much time. I am using the last days of my life to warn the world. Maybe save the world. I only hope I have enough time to tell you my story. Our story. Their story. The side of Darking Falls that -they- don't want you to know about.

The Trip "Yo, David! Whuzzup?" "Hiya, babe!" And the like were being yelled across the bus as James, Sarah, B.B. and I made our way to the Summer Camp bus. James was in his usual 'too cool for you' look, jeans a bit tighter than other guy's, and a punky-funky t-shirt with a saying on it: 'Feminist Chicks Dig Me'. A real comedian. He always made me laugh. Sarah, she was chic-de-chic, even in cargos and a tank top. Even though she's the most beautiful you could meet, she hated the popular kids in the school, even though they craved for her attention. B.B. was in his usual mop of hair, red hoodie and black jeans. And me, I was in my glasses, flare jeans and a button up cotton t-shirt, with my hair in pigtails. I put my hair in piggies because I have a baby face. But even though I was the baby of the group, I'm witty and sarcastic. Very much so, and it often reminded them not to judge a book by its cover.

We snagged seats next to each other on the bus and talked non-stop about what we'd do, what we wanted to do and how we'd go about it. Good times, eh? Sarah was worried about her bad leg, 'cause we were going horse riding as an activity, and she might fall off or something. James and B.B. were talking about a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven and I was reading whilst sympathizing with Sarah. Poor babe. She really was down about this, as her leg only just healed from a horse riding accident and she still couldn't run.


"Sweet! We're finally here!"

"It's about time!"

"Oh god I'm tired."

Were the shouts that I caught as the bus finally parked near the camp. I remember the name. it was 'Darking Falls Senior High Camp". 'Darking Falls. it sounded so mysterious. I LOVED it, as I am a fan of all mystery and crime novels ever written. When I was young I had about five of the original Nancy Drew novels, not the crappy 'modern' crime-lets. The lobby of Darking Falls camp was a friendly-looking pine-log building that looked like a cottage you'd find in the old storybooks. Big and polished and cool. But only I find that kind of stuff cool, I guess. I mean, my dream house was this little cottage with a thatched roof and lots of flowers in the garden, away from the rest of the world. I smile when I think what my friends would say at that. Sarah and James were ├╝ber-cool, and would probably look at me and say "Oi! Pod-person! Where have you hidden Sammie?" B.B. wouldn't really care much. He'd say "nice" and float off into the twilight world we call his mind.

Well, I got sidetracked there, didn't I? I guess that I feel that I have no inhibitions when im writing - oh, sorry I'm doing it again. Well, we walked into the lobby and. I don't really know how to say this. it was like there was this. aura there. Like a secret, or just an evil feeling in it. I immediately changed my mind about the 'friendly' lobby. Bye-bye. I hated it. I felt like all my nightmares would leap out at me. Not good. I think most of the other kids missed it, as they kept chatting away. But B.B. noticed. I felt him tense up and go rigid, then relax again.

"Welcome!" said this round faced sweaty 'instructor'. "I hope you all have fun-fun-fun at DARKING FALLS SENIOR HIGH CAMP!" Seriously. Like we were these little kids. "we have rules here at camp: don't litter, don't smoke, always obey your instructor -" he didn't get much further. First, one kid at the back said in an accidentally on purposely loud voice: "Instructors?! That SUCKS!" this outburst caused a roar of muttering and cursings. Most of these included the words: 'not kids asshole'. '*ahem* Well, other rules are: no funny business after dark, and no leaving your cabins." I have to admit, this guy was brave. Not many people in their right mind would continue against this lobby full of outraged senior-high kids. Yeah, he was brave alright. I mean, he had betrayed the nearly-adult- teen code of conduct. You do not, I repeat NOT treat senior-high students like children. Usually it will mean a lynch party and a whole lotta s*** coming your way. Ouch. Not something you want to do, from what I hear. One teacher, he said the tiniest thing wrong and ended up retiring in TEARS, after only one month.


After the tragically failed welcoming speech, all us seniors grabbed a cabin and opened our packets of smuggled lollies while having a good old gab. Mostly we were bitching about that 'dumbass, screwed-up fat guy', but James, B.B., Sarah and I weren't too bothered by that. It -is- summer camp, after all. The only conversation revolving around the so-called 'dumbass, screwed-up fat guy', involved cracking up over how nervous he looked. "he looked like he was gonna crap himself!" we were guffawing. God it was funny. I would say I wish that you'd been there but it meant you probably would have gone through the horrors yet to come.

At about. 11pm, I think, it was 'lights out' 'no talking' and 'no necking'. You could tell some kids were disappointed by that. They'd obviously had plans for a week of unsupervised action (wink wink, nudge nudge). Well, B.B., James Sarah and I chatted until about 3 o'clock in the morning anyway, and so in the morning we were trashed like we had a hangover. Everyone was looking at us like we were stoned and I guess I can understand that. We were probably acting stoned. You know, just grunting and muttering and eating.


Oh, before I go on I should mention that the beds in the cabins were all doubles, so two people had to share a bed. That may have been why there was the extra emphasis on 'no necking'. Well, anyway, on that Monday, a lot happened.

"Hey, fredageek!" that was everyone's nickname for this geeky kid that seemed to come to Darking falls every summer. And it was quite weird, I felt, that his nickname got around within the first ten minutes of arriving. Anyway, while we were riding everyone was accidentally on purpose bumping him, and trying to knock him off his horse. Poor little guy. But I would be a liar if I said I didn't bump him and stuff. I feel real bad about it now.


Well, that's my first serious story. It will get better, and there will be horror, just go to the next chapter ;-). .

Also, any and all advice would be great. Bye,

Sophie-chan ^-^