Hey, all! Finally updating this. Sorry for my 6-month writers block… sweatdrops

Kermushi: It's meant to be hilarious. Ish. I know most of my stories aren't well written punctuation-wise, but that's because I write them in Science, English, Music Tech… as to the rambling, again, its meant to be like that. It's like a diary except… its not. More will be explained in this chapter.

Kashe: Obviously he was. My main character's called Sammie, but I don't blame you for missing it, as I didn't write the traditional "Hi. My names Sammie…" etc.


By the way, this will now be a parody-ish story, as I can't write horror any longer than a one-shot.

Last time…

"fredageek!" that was everyone's nickname for this geeky kid that seemed to come to Darking falls every summer. And it was quite weird, I felt, that his nickname got around within the first ten minutes of arriving. Anyway, while we were riding everyone was accidentally on purpose bumping him, and trying to knock him off his horse. Poor little guy. But I would be a liar if I said I didn't bump him and stuff. I feel real bad about it now.

I always do that. Make fun of someone, then feel bad. Or become friends with them and then always awkward coz I just happened to hang their period pants from the school flag at swimming sports… anyway, what got me started on Freda- uuummmm Fred, was that while we were horse riding, he nearly got knocked off his horse. But the thing is, no one know who did it. The obvious assumption is one of the assholes on this camp made a noise or something, to 'impress' their girlfriends.

This morning I got up and Sarah wasn't next to me. B.B. and James were probably off stealing some poor you girls' lingerie, so that explained their absence. sighs Ah well.

But Sarah needs help out of bed coz of her leg, so she couldn't have gone off… I sat around thinking about this for a while, doing my spastic what-if thing (you know: what if she was eaten by a polar bear/giant marshmallow/cannibal etc…), worrying and also thinking about the pack of chocolate I had hidden in my bag. But my incredibly stupid mind dismissed the notion of eating chocolate, as this wasn't paranoid enough. And the I heard the screams. High-pitched, terrible screams. Coming from outside the cabin. I told myself it was nothing… maybe B.B. and James had been found with a pair of missing panties. Then something spattered on the window, and I cracked. I grabbed my Swiss army knife, and ran out yelling

"Sarah?!" because in my heart I knew it was her who was screaming. And I stopped in my tracks, staring at the horrific sight before me.

Sorry for the short chapter, but Kashe would kill me if I didn't update. The third chapter is in the works already.