" ..and as the Earth orbits the Sun, each second brings the future closer. One's destiny is determined by how they spend each precious moment, and as life goes on, old memories shall fade.. and you gaze dreamily into the misty heavens above.. reminiscing.. thoughts of your special one.. hold them in a tight embrace.. for you never know when you'll see them ever again.. "

Across the Plain of Penile, an army was preparing itself for a merciless battle, lead by Gossimian's powerful warrior, Leroux. Swarms of goblins, dwarves and ghosts of the dead screeched and began towards the mass of men-warriors, holding large cudgels and destructive halberds. They snarled viciously, grasping their weapons with gnarled, clammy hands and inhaling with loud grunting noises.
Before the enemy reached the currently motionless army of men, the battlefield commander of the men signalled for the crossbowmen to release their arrows to weaken the enemy before contact. Although the acute arrows pierced many goblins and brought them down before they were able to avoid them, it was only enough to break down three rows of the advancing crowd.
'Show no mercy! Attack!' yelled Evan, raising his gleaming sword, commanding the rest of his army. As one, hundreds of swords were raised just as their captain had, and they charged forwards, their stallions neighing fiercely as they galloped forward, courageously - their final attempt at defending the world from conquer by the almighty and monstrous Gossimian; the ten-Headed demon with fearful side tusks, ugly piercing eyes, and carrying a variety of horrible weapons, with plans to dominate the world with his own species of intelligent creatures.

It was a gruesome battle. Hundreds upon hundreds of lives were lost, but many more were slain by them. Slowly, the enemy was weakening, and victory was near for this battle. With great skill, Evan parried sixteen arrows that were directed to him and slashed ferociously at the offending archers, which fell at his feet. Chest heaving, panting and sweating all over, Evan turned around and observed the battle swiftly. A few hundred ghosts were still swooping eerily overhead, but they caused no damage except the loss of light. Evan rushed to the aid of his comrades and his fantastic swordsmanship defeated the dozen of goblins that were hacking at them with metal clubs.
They turned to the rest, heartened by the strength of their leader. Evan wiped his face with his arm, and noticed, to his disgust, that it was covered with blood and grime. He paused to brush away the dirt that was obscuring his sight, when something sounded that made his heart stop. A high-pitched scream poured from a young woman's terrified mouth, as a giant monster stood over her, watching her beadily out of twenty-one eyes. In one hand, it carried a strong blade of a sabre, and in the other, a heavy halberd. Its eyebrows creased with malicious triumph, and it raised the sabre, ready to swipe at the woman in front of it. As the sabre came crashing down, as the woman screamed distressfully, as the enemy's numbers were cut down to a bare minimum, as the fifty- six remaining warriors slay with all their might.
Evan ran as fast as his exhausted body could possibly allow him to, he raised his claymore sword above his head, yelling his frustration out of his system, and Evan plunged it deep into the eye in the middle of its stomach. There were rare occasions when the Gossimian revealed its weakest and more vulnerable spot to an enemy, and in its rush to kill such a weak creature it had never seen before.
Gossimian howled with pain, and stumbled forwards, knocking Evan and the woman down. After knocking around, gradually getting weaker as it breathed, nine heads shut their eyes and it fell forwards, creating a loud thud as it made contact with the earth. Thinking that it had been defeated, Evan yelled in delight and scrambled to his feet, raising his sword high above his head gloriously. Around him, the last goblin and dwarf was killed, and the warriors all raised their weapons in victory. The ghosts vanished in screeches and revealed a moonlit night with thousands of stars.

One Head, still alive, turned awkwardly to the brunette still getting to her knees, and muttered something inaudible. Its gaze was directed to the brunette woman, and the eyes glowed bright red. Afterwards, it slumped to the ground like the rest of the Heads of the Gossimian, and did no more.

The Gossimian had expired. But left a mark.