Pain flooded through Elyse's body, almost paralysing her with the agony. Evan felt her body stiffen, and he looked up, watching her beautiful face creased with lines of torture. He began to wonder whether her battle against death was simply weakening her faster.
' , I will keep fighting,' gasped Elyse, reading his mind, since she knew that the pain was shown on her face. 'Death will be surprised I am such a stubborn character,'

Elyse's breathe had definitely increased in speed, and became short and detached; unnaturally loud as well. Evan remembered something, and reached into the pocket, and drew out a small stiletto dagger, that was engraved with
Evan forever for Elyse

Evan's heart melted as he read these words several times over in his mind, but before he could reminiscent or think further about the plans he had had for this dagger, Broderick cleared his throat and interrupted them, hesitantly.
'Sir.,' he muttered quietly, 'the Curse.'
Evan's heart sank like a stone. ".during the process of cutting down the creature's life, it may endure the last moments of their life as long as their heart can resist, and if this creature is not destroyed at once, then the new Gossimian will rise invincible and more powerful than before."
- which meant only one thing. Elyse had to be destroyed.
'I.I. 't do it.' mumbled Evan, tears streaking down his face again. He shook his black hair back, and looked down sadly.

'Yes, Evan.' Elyse's voice was almost inaudible. ' the Curse takes over me.'
'Go on, Evan!' shouted Broderick from a distance off. 'We must! Otherwise, you shall be putting the entire world at mortal danger! Even Immoria cannot withstand an invincible evil tide!'
'Evan.' Elyse muttered quietly. 'I love you, and I do not want anything to happen to you. Free me of my pain, and I will remain with you forever.'
'Evan!' shouted Broderick. 'The Curse is changing! Gossimian will return! Now!" 'No!' Evan looked desperately into the formerly beautiful face of Elyse, and was startled to see the change that was overcoming her. This was not Elyse. It was something else taking over her.
'EVAN!' the warriors behind him were becoming frantic. There was barely a minute before the Curse would be complete and Gossimian would return to extensive power.
Grasping the stiletto dagger in his hand, he raised his hand, looking into the face of his beloved Elyse. With the very last of her human strength, she smiled weakly at him, and Evan thought, Elyse, this girl he loved so dearly, the girl dying in his arms, was using so much of her strength left, just to smile at him. She opened her mouth and formed the words, 'I love you,'

Without further ado, within the last ten seconds of the completion of the Curse, Evan plunged it deep into Elyse's heart.