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Sebastian smiled. Jonathan's arms were around his waist and his chin was on Sebastian's shoulder. "I love you," Jonathan whispered in Sebastian's ear and he smiled, turning to him.

"Love you too," he whispered and kissed him deeply. They were on the beach and the sun was just setting. The cries of seagulls faded and merged with the picturesque setting before them. Waves crashed softly on the deserted shore beneath the swirls of orange and pink that came with the day's end. Jonathan admired the plain gold band on his ring finger. It flashed in the light of the setting sun.

Sebastian smiled gently. "It's beautiful."

"Just like you," teased Jonathan softly. His chestnut brown hair shone in the dying light, accentuating his pale complexion. Emerald green eyes, filled with love for the man before him, sparkled beneath long lashes and his eyelids closed slightly as peace came over him. He sighed quietly.

"What's wrong, love?" Sebastian asked him, concern showing in his voice.

"Nothing," replied Jonathan. "This is everything I've ever wanted. It's so perfect."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No," Jonathan smiled, "just different to what usually happens."

Sebastian smiled back, his bright blue eyes meeting Jonathan's. Leaning forward, their lips met again, a loving union full of promise and hope. Sebastian pulled back slightly and tucked his head into the crook of Jonathan's neck. His love stroked his golden tresses, causing him to relax even further and he savoured the moment of pure tranquillity.

The sky grew steadily darker as the water before them turned golden. The first stars began to appear as the two of them sat and watched as the day turned to night. "Are you cold?" whispered Jonathan, wrapping his arms tighter around Sebastian's body.

"I'm never cold when you're with me," he whispered back. "Jonathan."


"I'm going to love you forever."

Jonathan smiled and gently kissed the top of his husband's head. "I'll love you forever too."

"Even when I'm old and ugly?"

Jonathan chuckled. "You'll never be ugly, love. But yes, even then."

Sebastian smiled sleepily. He laid there in Jonathan's arms thinking of times to come. Times spent together. As one. They would be strong no matter what life threw at them. They would survive.

Nothing could ever break them apart.