Fwee. I'm back. I've had huge writers block and I'm trying to tweak my writing skills while having the writer's block. So here's my first attempt. Just don't be mean. Le sigh.

And I note. The title of this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Avril Lavigne's song. Anyone who leaves a comment mentioning Avril Lavigne will be regarded as a flamer and will be used to roast marshmallows. Have a nice day! ^_^

Happy Ending

His mouth showed a smile, while his hands held a hug. But when I looked in his eyes, they revealed a tragedy yet to happen. It all fell apart. We wasted away, left behind to burn in the shadows of our happiness. We never had our happy ending. We let go. And let go. He told me good-bye. His words spoke the tragedy true. "Our story was happy. Just leave it there," he said to me. No one saw tragedy, no one heard the ending.

Meh. It's the best I can do right now, so bear with me. Later kiddos.