Swimming in Stars

~ - - - - - - -

It was like swimming in stars. I never knew it could be this beautiful, and it only took you fifteen seconds to become the most important person in my life.

Fifteen seconds, three words, and a handshake, and suddenly you were the love of my life. You made my head spin, and I just wanted you to touch me again. I wanted your smile to be only for me. At that moment, I wanted you for me.

In coming months, you drifted out of conscious thought and into distant memory, but my heart never forgot you, even as I struggled through darkness I thought had no end. Even as I thought I could give up and die, you were always in the back of my tortured mind.

Seasons were changing, autumn into winter, when next I saw you. It was then I came and spilled my heart to you, and you, likewise, took all my problems into yours. It was you who fixed me every time they broke me, although you never knew. And when you were gone, my unconscious mind noticed, even if my physical being did not, because from then on, I stayed broken, and I fell into despair with them.

But you came to me in the dregs of winter, and kissed four months' worth of pain away. Then, you were finally mine.

Now, we are here, and you're still the love of my life. I can still look into your eyes and be amazed, and get lost in their color.

It's like swimming in stars, and I never knew it could be this beautiful.

~ - - - - - - - -

Dedicated to you, Dustin.