Embers' Grin

Cast your eyes to the ocean,
cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me.
-Loreena McKennitt, Dante's Prayer

The Lady strode upon parched grounds

Burning gold on a downward slope. In

Darkness dwelt a blade, still quivering, still

Smoking and its hilt agleam in sweat and

Gore, dug deeply into stone. She takes

Her prayer by its tattered thread and hurls

Forth from her Mother's fortune.


Quikened feet

Pound the earth, raining dust in her wake.

A torch upon the wall burned low in

Ev'ning light; time matched her stride, step

For hurried step. It mocked her laden heart

As it pulled ahead and left her behind.


Whispered winds, of a fiery soul come forth

To seek retribution, swift and bitter

As a bleeding heart fills the lungs. Her sword

Devours those who dare to slay her love, her

Companion; his blood pouring through their

Encrusted claws.


Gentle touch, lovingly held

To her chest, the goal reached too late.

Too pale upon the darkened wood,

His body lain across the pyre.

A spark from her fingertips

So tiny, so destructive in its nature,

Thus was her gift, and would

Take him from this world.


Chaotic fury tearing down the sky

From its heavenly perch, too far above

The flames' dance and embers' grin, sprouting

From the earthen breast, so quickly the body

Falls. The Lady bows her crown of tawny

Curls, farewell to his spirit rising from

The ashes; until next time

His amber gaze meets hers.


Okay, most of this is a metaphor, though it's also a story. The Lady, Andraya, and her soulmate, Jakob-he's the guy my Jakob de Serein is based after.