So Juvenile

"But you were there, weren't you?" Mr. Bezzler inquired. Mr. Bezzler was Boredman High School's principal. His first name was Norman according the guidance counselor standing beside the trio in the principal's office. It wasn't that spacious and the only seat in it was Mr. Bezzler's big, cushiony chair which sat behind his semi-cluttered desk. The clutter was caused by three files.

One of the files was very little. This was Jake Enlarl's. He hadn't been in much trouble for the year and a month he had been going to the high school. A few In School Suspensions, several detentions, and a 10th period assignment with a teacher (actually it should've been a 9th period assignment since the number of periods in the school day had dropped one, but they had been using the term 10th period for so long that they didn't want to change it).

The second file, on the other hand, was a big deal heftier. This was Adam Enlarl's file. Adam and Jake were brothers, Adam was two grades ahead of Jake and was going to graduate that year. Adam had three times as many In School Suspensions as Jake, ten times as many detentions, and four times as many 10th period assignments. Not only that, but the incident last year in which he-as the teachers put it as to avoid profanity-defecated in the locker room on the floor. Now Adam hadn't understood that that was considered a misdemeanor. AKA a crime. So court had been attended. Not family court, considering Adam was over 16 years of age, but an actual court. Since it was his first offense he got off easy with about two months of community service.

The third file, on yet another hand, was much larger than the last. This was Lyle Bergman's file. Lyle had once brought in a knife to school by accident. God knows why he hadn't told the school is was an accident. That was family court, considering Lyle wasn't yet 16. From that he got several weeks of suspension. Not ISS but OSS, which is a much bigger deal. Then Lyle apparently hadn't learned his lesson. He brought bleach into school and showed it around. He didn't get snagged for that until later. See, the next day he brought in ammonia. Some student reported the ammonia and Lyle got snagged for that. Then the office called Jake down for questioning considering Lyle and him were good buddies. Jake told them about the bleach. Lyle then had that on his shoulders, too. He was suspended for the rest of the school year and had to do community service for at least seven months. Then there were countless other acts of moving vending machines, messing with cameras, and yelling to deal with. There were also many, many things he did that the school didn't know about (i.e. defecating in the bathroom sink, breaking florescent light covers, kicking a water fountain off the wall, attempting to cut urinal plumbing pipes with a pipe cutter, the fact that he stole two elevator keys from the janitor's closet, etc.), and Lyle's damn lucky they didn't.

These three kids were standing there in the principal's office after an assembly on safe drinking. Lyle had caused some problems there.

"Yes," Adam admitted. "But I didn't do it. And neither did he." Adam pointed at his little brother, who was taller and more composed than him. Adam looked older and more intelligent, a sense of facing the music in his eyes. Lyle looked stunned and disbelieving. He was short, smelled bad, and looked like the kind of kid to do this sort of thing, but he didn't like to face the music and dreaded doing so when the time came. He laughed about it afterwards, though. What an odd person. So unhappy on the inside yet so blissful on the outside. No one liked him but Jake and Adam, and even their patience with him was running thin.

"Why should I believe you?" Mr. Bezzler asked. "You've blatantly lied to me before. Remember last year? You, too Lyle. And I believed you before but no more."

Adam continued to protest along with Jake. "We didn't do anything! It was him."

Jake pointed the first finger at Lyle. Lyle accepted the fact that he had been pointed at with a depressed look in his eyes. He didn't look so blissful anymore. Adam pointed his finger, too.

They didn't like to point fingers, but Adam wasn't about to go to jail for it and Jake wasn't gonna get something like this put on his record when he didn't do anything.

Mr. Bezzler looked angrily at the three of them. He seemed to be tossing it about in his head. If he had wanted to he could've gotten all three of them into a courtroom whether it be family or non. Luckily he wasn't that pissed off.

He began to believe them.

"Is what they're saying true, Lyle?" he asked.

Lyle sighed. "I guess…"

"It's a yes or no question," the guidance counselor stated. They wanted to make this as hard as possible on the poor kid.

"Yes. What they're saying is true."

Mr. Bezzler leaned back in his chair. Then he stood up. He was quite fat. People sometimes mistook his fat for a beer belly and called him Mr. Guzzler behind his back and giggled.

That's when the school cop came in. She was so hot she could make the leaning tower erect again. Blonde, nicely shaped features, boobs, and an ass to turn heads for all eternity. She wasn't any Brittany Spears, but she was still extremely hot. She took Mr. Bezzler's seat and took out a notepad.

Someone outside called for Mr. Bezzler and he left.

"Name?" the cop asked Lyle.

Lyle hesitated.

"Name?" the cop reiterated with impatience and hatred in her voice. It was her who had almost been affected by what Lyle had done.

"Lyle Bergman."


Lyle didn't want to say, so he just stayed quiet.

"Age?" the cop asked again.

"Sixteen," Lyle replied and closed his eyes. No family court for him this time.

"Date of birth?"

"September 20th, 1988."

"Happy birthday," the cop said. Jake and Adam winced. If this had happened ten days ago there would've been family court. "Mother and father's names?"

"Samantha Voswell. Robert Bergman."

"Home address?"

"540 Erbin Avenue."

"Nice neighborhood," the cop complimented. The three began to hate her then. That tone of voice, that sarcasm, that grin playing on her face as she toyed maliciously with the teenager before her, and the fact that she didn't care that Lyle's life was soon to crumble. Jake could only imagine the thoughts going through Lyle's head at that moment. The school's patience had run out and he was facing possible expulsion and possible jail time. No one seemed to recognize him as a person. They recognized him as a weaker animal than them that they could torture them. All humanity is like that and no one cares. No one at all. The fact that there's veal (baby cow) on the meat market is shining proof of that. The sadistic assholes who killed those baby cows deserve their places in Hell. That is, if Hell exists.

"Home phone number?"


Mr. Bezzler came back in.

"Me and my brother aren't in trouble, right?" Adam asked.

Mr. Bezzler chuckled. "Yeah. You threw it!"

"That wasn't him!" Jake said.

Lyle looked down at the ground. He didn't look back up while Jake and Adam were still in the room.

Mr. Bezzler shook his head. "Sorry. You two can go."

So they both left. The door to the principal's office closed behind them. Lyle was now at the mercy of the law with none of his friends to help him out.

So much anger at Lyle. So much distrust. So much attention from the law.

It was all caused by a thrown magic marker. What kind of a fucked up society do we live in?