Thank you for being my friend,
For being the one so close to me,
Empty hands had I,
And nothing to give,
Yet you still came,
And talked with me.
You came to the social outcast,
And made him feel welcome again.
Those two gems,
Are so hard to find
In this world,
Yet I found both in you.
You could have chosen
To use me like the rest,
Yet you didn't.
And that's all that matters.
Because of you,
I consider myself blessed.
Because of you,
I can thank my God.
You and I,
We shall stick to the end,
Comrades fighting together,
Going where
One alone cannot.
I place my trust,
And my loyalty
On you.
This promise I make,
This vow I take,
You have shown me loyalty,
You have given me trust,
And forever,
I will return it to you.
I pray that God bless you,
Many times over,
For the kindness you have shown me,
That he will look upon you with favor,
For looking upon the outcast
The same way.
May the same things that brought us together,
Keep us together.