As Green Day was blasting out of sixteen year old Becca Winters carefully surveyed her outfit, mini pink skirt with a black halter that had a picture of Rancid, and black and pink phat farm sneakers. She quickly got dressed pulling her brown hair into a messy bun and applying black eyeliner to her dark blue eyes. As she ran downstairs her mom stopped her " Becca sweetie remember that tomorrow your father and I will be going to Sacramento for the week, now we left some emergency money but if you need anything else just use your credit card and remember Charlie is in charge!" Referring to her nineteen year old brother who currently decided that college was a waste of time. " alright mom have fun and bring me back something" Becca yelled as she walked out the door.

"Finally what the hell took you so long?" asked Becca best friends Melissa Sternson " hey looking this good takes work" replied Becca laughing " yeah yeah yeah" that's a good band" said Becca


" the Yeah Yeah Yeahs "

" is that all you ever think about music? Hate to break it to ya dear but music isn't everything"

"yeah well its everything to me now so back off"

" ok, ok just informing yah"

They walked the rest of the way to school in silence and got there just in time to for the late bell to ring

" ok Hun ill see ya at lunch" and with that Melissa was off leaving Becca to walk slowly to her first period class which was English, now normally Becca hated English but this year Ben Walker was in that class. Not that he ever actually attended it but still knowing that he might be in there was what pulled Becca through. As she walked across the courtyard she saw Ben and his pack of friends as she passed them Stanley a.k.a Stoneman shouted her over.

'' Hey Pink get laid lately?" said Stoneman

" hahaha get stoned lately?" of course that was a stupid question that's where he got his name from, I don't think I've ever seen that kid not high

" o yeah you know it baby" he said slowly

" k well Id love to stay but I have a English test I need to take so l8r"

"later pink" replied a few people

Well except Ben he just sat there and glared at me, you see Ben is what people would consider a punk he has a small Mohawk that changes color every week and a bunch of piercing in his ears and his lip and eyebrow pierced as well. He doesn't like me to much because he's convinced that I'm a prep because I wear a lot of preppy clothes, but in truth I'm sort of a mix of both a lot of people call me a poser because I don't follow a certain rule. But I like to mix and match like I can wear a baggy pair of jeans with holes in them from Goodwill and a pair of Gucci heels, I don't care if it matches. I got the nickname Pink because it doesn't matter what it is I have to have something pink on it could even be just a pair of sock. I made it to English ten minutes late so naturally I miss the part where we have to pair up in teams, with the teams already being picked as I walked over to the list of names I was praying that I got someone smart because my grade isn't the best at the moment. As I read the list I knew that my grade wasn't going to improve anytime soon. My partners Ben.

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