Becca slowly made her way up the school's sidewalk, she was talking to Melissa but still noticing that Ben had stopped talking to his friend and was intently staring at her.

" ahahaha Ben is seriously about to burst out of his fruit de looms" snickerd Mel

" no he's not hes probably staring at you"

" no hes not and you know that plus you look hot today"

It was true that Becca spent some extra time today on how she looked wearing a pair of low-rise jeans with a pink tube top and a black studded and ripped jacket. She left her new hair down, and as much as she didn't want to admit it she looked good and she knew Ben WAS indeed staring at her, now all she didn't know was how to act.

Ben's POV

Oh muh god he thought she naturally was beautiful before, but now she was just really really really hot. Why o why did have to kiss her it was all fine before, they had this system, everyone enjoyed her company, while he silently glared at her from the side. No one had ever complain about this arrangement before and now everything was screwed up, he didn't even have time to process everything he was thinking when she walked up to his group.

whistles and cat calls

" Looking very sexy today Pink"

" yeah someone seriously has hit you with the sexy stick"

" o come on now boys wipe up your drool" she said flirtly

"You look like a stupid prep" god why could he not keep his mouth shut? She looked slightly irked but then it changed he wasn't likeing what was about to happen.

Becca's POV

She wasn't about to let BEN treat what he did last night, like it was nothing she was going to make him react to her.

" well thanks Ben but according to you I've always looked like a prep, so now tell me if I look like such a 'stupid prep' then why'd you kiss me last night? Hmm ?"

" I uhh umm" she had him right were she wanted him and he new it.

But then he went and did something nobody ever imagined he pushed her against the lockers and kissed her…again