I made a promise
To myself
Not to fall
For someone else.
It's happened before
Everyone's left me bruised and cut,
I locked my door
And kept my window shut.
Unfortunatly I can't put a chain
Around my heart,
And even why I try
It rips it apart.
I find myself at the bottom
Of the wishing well.
My pennies are the wishes I have
And I'm afraid they'll tell.
I hate to break promises,
So you'll have to wait.
But my bonds are loosening
And my chain's about to break.
Your smile is stabbing me
And your voice is just something else
I want to forget, but I remember
The promise I made to myself.
It's a way to stop heartaches
And the tears from flowing
And the butterflies in the stomach
And the uncertainty from showing.
The shield I'm holding up
Is hurting more than what I'm afraid of.
But perhaps if I throw it away
Then I can let in a little love.