Chapter Six - Anon

Just assuming that the talking dog up ahead of her was Cyn, Michelle continued on her not-so-merry way. Raeven was still on her mind. Thoughts of Daniel even lingered. How could she let her feelings guide her if they were unclear to herself? She had something in her heart for Daniel, mixed hate and love for the man who made her what she was. But, then there was Raeven. She would be oblivious without him. She would have no purpose without him. She would be lost without him. But it still felt like he was keeping something from her. She was glad to take her mind from it all when Cyn spoke to her as she changed back to her normal self and slowed down a bit.
"So Raeven tells me you don't even know why you're here."
That wasn't really what she wanted to hear, Raeven being in part of the subject. "That's correct," she assured. "Okay… where to begin? We can start with the seraph. In the beginning, the watched over the mortals. Just another word for the more common angels. We've never really known of them actually speaking messages of 'God.' They're just egotistical and power hungry. And later, when a few of them sought to expose them, they were damned. No one is quite sure who the first vampire was, and this was before Vlad the Impaler, but they were the first of the night-born. Though they have more than one curse, they were the most powerful. The seraph also were responsible for demons, shifts, and fallen. Now, they fear those whom they have turned against them. Some say that they are the ones who gave the slayers their funding and technology. Whatever the case, they are somehow connected. They've been seeking to eliminate vampires for a long time now. They collect crystals to correct their error of cursing them.
"We shifts don't have it as bad. In fact, some call it a gift. But, we too have our problems. Though we have the freedom to change our appearance, we have never been able to be ourselves. We don't even know who we are. We're changing from the minute we're born. This is nothing at all compared to your problems. But, we're in this operation because we wish to help.
"Demons are just what they sound like in some ways. They are evil at heart, even if they wish not to be. They can disguise their forms to human eyes, but supernatural beings can see them for what they are with their horns and eyes of flame. They are fated to constantly destroy. But, a silvanatus of long ago created a charm that can be used to contain them for a period of time.
"Werewolves were the most unpredictable of all. They are mere mortals nearly the whole of the month. But, the full moon holds them to a rampage. Luckily, they became extinct in the sixteenth century. Nowadays, they would expose everything about our world.
"The fallen are probably the most interesting of all. The at one time were seraph, but they did something that caused them to be thrown to the world of mortals. Most of them are never seen, hiding from everything that lives. But, a few come forward and help us. You'll meet one of them quite soon, along with a demon. I think you'll like them.
"It's really hard to keep speaking so formally for such a long period of time, so I'm getting that done with," she finished up. Michelle tried to sort it out in her mind and not confuse demons with fallen. "Speaking of which, they're late," Cyn complained loudly.
And as if they were waiting for the queue, two men came strolling around the corner.
The first had short and wild nearly white hair and was wearing dark clothes, the distinct feature being the two large gray feathered wings sprouting from his back. He was rather lanky, and seemed malnourished. She could see his gray eyes beneath his bangs. The next was more stereotypical to a demon look on the outside. He had long black hair hanging in his face and over his red eyes, also wearing black clothing, including a long black leather coat. Almost transparent were two small demonic horns poking through his bangs. They must have been only visible to those in tune with the supernatural. He was a bit shorter than the fallen, but more muscled, which was even apparent through his coat.
Michelle felt like Cyn was the only one who didn't fit in, her form being a teenage girl wearing trendy bright clothes. She saw them and skipped over in front of the demon, staring up at him for a few moments before cracking a smile. "Vinni! You're late as usual!" she greeted. "Actually, you're just early like you always are," he answered in a deep and somewhat scratchy voice. "And Rai, solemn as ever I see?" she noted of the fallen, who gave a shallow smile. He craned his neck a bit once he noticed she was not alone. "Daniel's fledgling?" he asked in an almost nonexistent, smooth tone. Cyn nodded and turned to face Michelle, who was slowly making her way nearer them. She threw her hands out majestically and introduced her in a loud voice, "May I present to you, the newest to the world of the night, Michelle!"
Michelle smiled a bit, though she felt a bit uncomfortable for some unknown reason. The demon- Vincent- crossed his arms and grinned. "It's about time that old freak put meaning to his words," he commented. She stood by Cyn, a foot difference in their heights and another foot with both the men. "Well, you going to say anything?" she asked as she elbowed her in the side. "Er… h-hello?" she stammered, not knowing what else to say. Vincent chuckled to himself. "Eloquent as good old Danny boy I see," he joked. Rai glanced disapproving at his friend, then smiled at Michelle. "Don't mind him. He can be an ass at times. Well, most of the time. My name is Rai. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance," he presented himself as he gently grabbed her hand from her side and kissed it politely. Michelle smiled. "Aren't you charming," she commented. "He's a real lady's man," Vincent told her in jest, causing both the women to laugh. Rai gave him a sort of 'I'll get you back' look, but smiled anyway, shaking his head.
Michelle watched intently as Rai flew gracefully up ahead while Cyn and Vincent spoke to one another. She was hardly paying any attention to the conversation. More interesting was the way that the man twisted and turned in the air as if nothing bound him. Complete freedom. She suddenly wished she could be like him: able to just fly away from any problems, soaring on the wind. Rai hovered in midair and faced the three on the ground, cupping his hands around his mouth. "It's just up ahead," he called out, though barely audible. "Finally. I don't get why you couldn't have just met us here. Or had Rai just fly out to meet you if you're too scared, you know he loves being the loner," Vincent complained loudly, causing Cyn to jab him in the side. "So, where are we?" Michelle asked casually, more comfortable now. Vincent laughed again. "You haven't been listening, have you?"
"Not a bit."
"You'll see then."

Instead of doors opening, a small control panel popped out o the side of the alcove they were all standing in. Vincent stepped toward it and poked a few keys swiftly. A few electric clicks sounded, and a brief flash filled the area for only a split second. "The newcomer?" an artificial voice cracked over a nearly busted speaker. "A vampire fledgling," he answered clearly.
"Sired by?"
"Daniel Mouret."
"Submit alias."
"Entry confirmed. Welcome to the fray."
The doors had until now been sealed shut. Vincent strolled on in nonchalantly, hands in his pockets as he completely disregarded all the curious eyes of eerie figures as he passed. Rai and Cyn soon followed. Michelle entered hesitantly, scanning the whole area as she did. Undead faces seemed to pierce through the barrier she tried to put up. The whole place was packed with them, and this only was a small hallway. She only noticed that she had completely stopped when Rai tugged her by the arm. "Come on, you don't want to be left behind, trust me," he warned, eyeing some of the occupants of the room warily. She nodded and continued on, clutching his arm in case of separation. She felt safe near him, which was a refreshing feeling.

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