(A/N: Would you look at that I /do/ know how to update. This was an English assignment. I was given a theme (October) and we had 10-15 minutes to come up with something: this is what I came up with /after/ I've edited it and hacked at it a bit. So here is my October themed 'quick write.' I've used a lot of personification so if you get confused feel free to yell at me and my inferior writing skills…wait a monkey could ridicule my none existent writing skills. Ahh well tell me what you think (that is if you read it) and I will be eternally grateful for the criticism and input.)


As I sit here on my window seat sipping my tea and gazing out towards the cold and dreary ground of October, I find comfort in the fact that another season has passed without turmoil or grief. I feel myself relax and all the worries of day-to-day life, everyone one of the aches and pains, utterly fade away.

I wonder where I shall be this time next year? Will I still be here pondering life? Will I be rich? Will I be famous? So many questions swirl around inside my head and yet I have no answers.

I turn my attention to the maple tree that stands proudly in my front yard- its branches reaching up into the sky as if to say, "I am here, I always shall be and your petty problems mean little to me." The leaves of this great and noble tree had long since blow away, except for a few golden and crumpled leafs at the top that still held onto those last vestiges of summer- in which they soared happily in the sky.

It makes me realize that like life all things must come to an end. As well in life we may choose to hold on. For no matter what is thrown your way, things without exception will change. No matter how frigid and desolate the winter may become, the spring will arrive without fail. The harshness and, at times, merciless edge of winter will melt away.

I watch as the wind picks up, grabbing the fallen leafs on the ground, clutching them against its chest. I peer closer at the tree as this greedy and bloodthirsty wind rages through. The last few leaves are then hurled to the ground with a force that was almost shocking. As I look closer, I see that it was not a ferocious and unforgiving gust that tossed the leaves out of the sanctity of the tree, but a gentle breeze that guided it down to the ground as if a mother was tenderly rocking a dozing child to sleep.

And this is the way the world works – it can be grim and cruel but in the end if you hold on to life, you shall receive the fulfillment and satisfaction that is due. Because no matter no matter how hard you are thrown to the ground you will always be able to get back up again. So really it does not matter where you will be next October, what you are doing, what you have or who you know. It will be what have you done. Have you held on and stayed true to the mighty maple tree or not? That question only you can answer.