Callie's P.O.V.

"Mom, are you ok?"

"Yes, I'll be fine. Now, go and have a good time. You need one Cal." It was true, Callie did need to relax, but how could she when she knew she was responsible for the deaths of two innocent men and then even put her best friend, Rosie, in the hospital for poisoning that was really meant for her. "Cal! Come on we're going to be late."

"Coming!" she yelled as she was walking down the stair in a little pale blues sundress that she wore a few years back. Callie knew that she had packed this dress for Jake just in case he got assigned to this dig. But then again, Callie would never admit this to him. Jake just stood there like a six year old boy who had just fallen in love with his first grade teacher. "Graystone, if you keep looking at me like that I'll give you something to get it out of your head." She leaned towards him to straighten his tie but Jake wouldn't let her, instead he grabbed her by the arms and says, "I don't think that what you have in mind will work because I have invited a few more people to join us tonight."

"Like who?" Callie said as someone knocked on the door and then ran to come in.

"Aunt Callie!" exclaimed Tyler, who was running to her with his little grubby hands.
"Hey squirt, where's your mom and Doug?"

"They're coming, they just had to get something from the thunk"

"Oh, you mean the trunk."

"That's what I said, 'thunk'."

"We're here, sorry we got here a little late, we had to stop and get a few things that Callie said she needed," said Doug, Callie's biological brother, who then got elbowed in the stomach by his wife, Lana, the town lawyer.

"Thanks, well before we got to the restaurant I have an announcement to make, and to tell all of you the truth I was only planning on telling Jake this but I don't see why not tell everyone when you all are here. So. first off, Jake go over to the kitchen and in the fridge should be a toy with a red bow on top could you go and get it. Doug, could you do the same in Jake's office, please."

"Cal, is this it!" yelled Doug.

"Yeah bring it out here. You too Jacob," both her parents and Lana realized that something serious was going on because Callie rarely called Jake by his full name. The two guys come out with a toy fire-engine and they're not really getting the concept. But Callie can see that Jake is starting to wonder beyond things. "Ok, now Dad, I know that you said to Mom when I was little that every kid whether it was a girl or a boy should have a fire-engine as a toy." Callie pauses, turns to Jake and looks him straight in the eyes and says

"Congratulations Jake, you're now going to be a dad."