Bright and early at 5:30, Allie woke to get ready. She stayed in the bathroom, primping until Erik pounded on the door. She opened it to find him standing, dripping, in a towel with soapy hair.

"There was something wrong with my pipes and it cut off the water. C'mon Allie, I got soap in my eyes."

"I'm not done drying my hair!" she didn't mean to sound whiny but it was better than staring at his scantly clad body. "Go ahead and get in." she sighed.

"Oh thank god!" he rushed into the other part of the bathroom and pulled the sliding door shut behind him. A second later she heard the shower start. And then Erik yelped. "You have hot water?"

"You don't?" she continued drying her hair and started applying make up. He reappeared next to her, a little dryer and soap-less.

"How'd you get the biggest bathroom?"

"I didn't, that's why we're squished right now."

"This isn't squished, try sharing a shower with ten other people. That so didn't come out right."

"I know what you meant. Besides, I'd rather be too squished than lonely." She twirled for him, her hair lifting a little. "Well?"

"Amazing." His eyes traced her body hungrily. She hopped up in front of him and placed a kiss on his surprised lips, whispered thank you and skipped out to the kitchen. "Damn it. The next time she does that just grab her." He whispered to himself. Erik had yet to figure out that girl.

"Listen lady, I know she's too young to take those classes but she's smart enough. Just look at the records."

"You don't look old enough to have custody for two kids, yourself." Hecate growled and pulled the lady up by her collar.

"And yet I do and I know they should be in classes together. You should be glad to get my siblings any way, the two of them could probably raise the entire school's average GPA." She dropped the teacher and took their schedules from her secretary. "Thank you so much for your cooperation." Allie clutched Erik's hand as they stood behind Catie.

"Don't you think this is just a sign that we shouldn't be here?" he just smiled at her.

"K. You have the same classes, see you later. I'm leaving the car for you."

"Do you think that's a good idea?"

"Allie, you're granddaddy designed it, do you really think it can be stolen?"


"Ok, bye." Catie hugged Erik and Allie and kissed the top of Allie's head. "It'll be ok." And they were. Erik managed to score two seats in the back of each class and they sat, passing a paper back and forth. The classes were easy; the teachers didn't want to be there any more than their students. After they ate, Erik went to the bathroom and Allie waited at their lockers. She was switching her books when she heard someone lean against the lockers, intent on her search for her pencils, she didn't look and assumed it was Erik.

"Hey, will you let me drive home today? I've been trying to get in the Dragon for a while but Alex never let me." Allie closed the bottom locker and stood, still facing the lockers but looking at the paper in her hands. "Well?" she felt a hand brush her hair then she was pushed against the locker by the weight of a person on her.

"You know what I want to try to drive?" the deep voice asked in her ear. She couldn't see anything but the blue of the locker her face was shoved against but she heard the sound of feet approaching.

"C'mon Jet, aren't you gonna share?" the body pressed against her harder and to her horror, he began to grind against her.

"Maybe. I think she'd be fun to share." A third voice said.

"Fine." The guy behind her grabbed her hands and pulled them back, another put a hand over her mouth, she could see but her vision blurred with flashbacks. She had enough strength to bite the hand and scream.

"Erik!" the guy cursed and slapped her hard across the jaw and replaced his hand.

"Damn that hurt. Who the hell is Erik?" Allie struggled but it made no difference and the three propelled her towards an empty classroom. She felt tears leak down before she acknowledged that she was crying. They threw her on the ground and the first guy sat on her and began to unbutton her jeans. She twisted but he was too heavy and she cried but he had a hand over her mouth. Her shirt had ridden up and was exposing most of her stomach.

"You like it rough, huh bitch?" he slapped her a few times. She got in a good hit before he yelled for someone to hold down her hands and he elbowed her in the ribs. "Now we can get back to the good stuff." He went back to working on her pants.

"You have two seconds to get off of her." Erik stood in the doorway.

"And if I don"

"One, two." Erik interrupted him and launched himself across the room. He easily took care of the two standing up. Erik ripped the last guy off of Allie. She couldn't do anything but curl up and cry as he beat the hell out of the would-be molester. Eventually the guy fell to the floor unconscious and Erik knelt to Allie.


"Hey. I'm so sorry Allie, I should've been there. I told you I would take care of you." He helped her into a sitting position and she could see his handiwork.

"You beat the shit out of him." It was a statement. "For me?"

"Yes for you. Of course for you." He helped her stand. "Let's go, I've had enough school." They went out to the car and Allie drove the Dragon home. She took a shower and cleaned off the last feeling of those grabby hands. Erik was downstairs, lying on the couch sleeping. She watched him sleep, then walked over and whispered thank you in his ear. She leaned in for the kiss and Erik's eyes fluttered open. His arms reached for her as she pulled back and he brought her down onto the couch beside him.

"Got you this time." She looked at him unsure of what he meant. "You just can't keep running off before it gets good." This time he kissed her, more than a quick teaser. He felt her get into it as she wrapped an arm around his chest. He felt her tongue slip inside his mouth and he pulled back to roll off the couch.

"Hey!" Allie grabbed his hand and he turned back to her.

"I knew it," he smiled. "You just can't resist me." He teased as she pulled him back on the couch.

"What?" she set his arm around her and leaned her head against his chest. "No, you egotistical brat. You're just keeping me warm." She yawned, closed her eyes and fell asleep. A few minutes later, after watching her sleep, Erik too closed his eyes and that was how Catie found them.

Hecate had come back. As she got closer to the tower, the red light blinked more. Man was this ring whacked. The bricks she had pulled out two nights ago were still protruding, she scaled the ally wall. The light within the ring blinked faster and the rays of red light enhanced the cherry red highlights in her hair. At least the girl bonding time helped Allie get over such a horrible morning but still, red? What was Allie thinking? What the hell had Catie been thinking? The window she broke was covered with Hecate's favorite thing about the Burnout, duct tape.

"How sweet, just for me?" she pulled a pocket knife from her pocket [hence the name] and quietly cut a )( shaped slit. She pulled her self inside and silently rolled on the floor. They had cleaned up the glass and the little blood that she left behind. The ring shone solid red, as if it were a ruby. She talked to the ring as she crept through the apartment. "Y'know, that's pretty and all but considering the color. Yeah, not one of my faves right now." She found the jewelry room again, all the pieces lay out as before. "Love the new security." Hecate experimented, exchanging the ring for the rest of the set which did not glow per wearing. It was complete with earrings, necklace, bracelet and anklet. They all fit. She left the demented ring dead center in the table and decided that she might check out the computer room again. Some of the stuff in there might actually be useful to Allie. She hooked up her com.

"Hey buddy."

"Hey buddy. I got some stuff for you to look at, you catchin' this?" she looked at all the computers in a slow pan.

"I'm gettin' it but where are you?"

"Some rich guy's house. Why? Oh, you want proof he's evil, don't you? Well he has a ton of money after the Burnout doesn't he? Al?"

"Catie, look at the center screen." She did so; the words police scanner run across, in a corner of the screen is a list of words- robbery, mafia, Wayne, hero, bat, politics.

"You changed your hair." Again, the voice was behind Hecate. A little more coherent now.

"A mistake, be sure of that. Sorry." This time she climbed up the machines and punched through the hole in the ceiling she made the other night. When she reached the edge of the roof top she flung her self down to the next one; the whole time muttering. "Oh shit."