"Hey bro!"

"Hey Catie. You're late, you're first class is already attached to you."

"Sorry Jim, late night last night. Big mistake. Families are not reliable." Jim just nodded, hot girls like Catie could do what ever they wanted, and allowances were made.

"What ever, oh, you have a package."


"Yeah, more like a letter but whatever. By the coffee machine." Catie grabbed the plain envelope on the way to class and yelled her thanks. Erik, she thought and smiled. The class cheered when she opened the door.

"Hey guys. I'll put on some music, start with stretches, it's gonna be an easy day today." She still was recovering from the job last night, man was she stupid. As Catie went down in a split she slit open the envelope with her knife. A ring slid out, specifically the ring. She froze. "Guys, that's it for today, take a day off to find your inner self and or sanity, I sure as hell need to find mine." She stood and walked out of the arts building very fast. She lost herself in the pre job rush hour mob until she could bear the guilt hunger no longer. She stopped for a bagel. Her fast walk resumed and she found herself in front of the tower. She stared up at its glassy walls.

"You changed your hair again." a guy behind her said, the guy. "The blue works better." Hecate and Catie had agreed on the blue highlights, the red was getting to them both. He walked around in front of her with out turning around and through the first door.

"It's not so hard to walk through is it?" she followed him up the stairs and into the living room she first entered in. "Have a seat." She fell into one of the plushy chairs, god, the mansion could use some furniture like this. He also sat and she finally saw his face clearly. Now there is a Heath Ledger for you, she thought.

"So I'm here, why?"

"Because you wanted to be here?"

"Actually. no."

"Because you're curious."

"Well. yes. You had a chance to shoot me twice in your house and at least once on the street and you didn't." he stuck out a hand.

"Dylan Sawyer." She shook it.

"Catie Hunter. Now could you tell me why you have taps on the police scanner?"

"Only if you tell me why you broke in twice."

"I came to return that stupid ring. That's no fair cuz you already knew that."

"Here's my question, will you help me, help the people?"

"What if I'm busy already doing that?"

"Listen, I have the info but I need the street cred. I need the enforcer, I need a Bat." Catie stood.

"Now you're just getting freaky. A Bat?"

"Ok, never mind the bat, what I'm saying is that I need legs, I need an agent, all my other agents have strings, they're informers, I need an enforcer."

"What are you, the city's savior?"

"Sure, why the hell not? After the Burnout, I saw friends go down and I saw problems rise. I taught my self to hack and I began to be modern day Robin Hood. The only problem is that while I'm good with a gun, I'm not very resourceful in getting where I want to."

"You need a cat burglar slash assassin? Sure, why the hell not?"

"I think we're gonna get along great. So have you eaten lunch yet?"

"Nope, starving. Whatcha got?"

"More than you can eat. Didn't you have a bagel?" she brushed crumbs away from her lap as she followed him into the kitchen.


"You're a cat burglar!" Allie screeched.

"You're screaming, I do have excelled hearing you know." Hecate paused. "Slash assassin." She added.

"You were the one who thought he was evil anyway."

"I made a mistake, big deal, I'm human." Erik glanced up at the ceiling of the Bat cave where Hecate was swinging on a support beam.

"Not really, one of your great grand dads was an alien and"

"Erik." She cut him off with a look, he grinned up at her.

"Sorry, big sis but you can fly, that ain't human."

"But it's so cool!" she landed on the balls of her feet, knees bent, hand on the floor. "And he has awesome digs, at least we've got police tap, right? I mean, it's a cool title too. Cat burglar." Allie looked up at her cousin.

"Slash assassin." She deadpanned before Erik began cracking up.